Sunday, September 7, 2008

Car Search

Chrysler 300. Our rental on Phoenix, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas trip.We’ve reached a point when we realize that we don’t want to have episodes with cars loosing brakes anymore. It’s sad, but we have to admit that our trusty Caprice is starting to show its age. It served well and we’ve got well our money’s worth at 220K on the odometer and going.

Went looking at cars today. Sadly didn’t get to GM dealership yet, because of heavy rain, but got to Dodge / Chrysler, BMW and Mercedes.

Buick Lucerne. Our rental car on our Utah road-trip.Dodge people didn’t have a single V8 (R/T) on the lot, even though they had SRT8s. I decided not to drive those in order to avoid being disappointed too much by R/T version.

Didn’t like Charger inside at all. Looks and feels cheap and very bland. Chrysler 300 on the other hand felt bigger and much nicer inside. I actually feel good sitting in that thing. Continue Reading
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