Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween 2017

Friends. The whole bunch.Halloween is probably one of the children’s favorite holidays. They were anticipating it for a long while. Aroshka even had post Halloween blues the next morning, but luckily the sadness passed quickly.

This year they chose to be a puppy and a giraffe. Danya was a little worried about Arosha’s costume pick since the vast majority of boys his age were dressed as either a superhero/movie character, someone scary or someone like a policemen, fireman or some kind of warrior. Daniеl was worried that other children would tease Arosha and ruin the joy of it for him, but luckily this did not happen.

Anna's class.This year our school has a new principal — a young woman, who so far seems to be very nice and well liked by both teachers and parents. Our previous principal was a bit rigid for my taste. He was a young man with a military background and sometimes I was not sure if he cared more about the school, or his career advancement. Anyhow, with this new principal, the children were allowed to wear costumes to school, and also the parents association prepared a trick-or-treating event for all grades on the school yard. I think that something like this did not happen for a long time, if ever.

Anna's teacher.After school we went home to eat and then meet up with the usual gang — Erica, Ilona and Natasha with their children. We went trick-or-treating through our local stores as we do every ear. It took us about an hour, and the children were super excited. We went to the playground afterwards. They weather was on the cold side, but at least it was not raining.

Our units.When we got home, Arosha talked me into continuing trick-or-treating throughout our building. I don’t like doing it to be completely honest, but I did not have a heart to deprive him of this, since we’ve done it every year for the last 4 years. I did put a time limit on this activity though, so we did not go through the whole building, but just through our wing.

Units.They got two huge buckets of candy at the end. They will eat very little of it though since I limit their sugar intake, and normally they prefer ice-cream to any other sweets. Anna’s eczema resurfaced the next day — she is sensitive to certain things, and I guess all those artificial colors and other bad things in candy might have triggered it.

All in all it was a happy day for the children and they already started to plan their next Halloween.
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Friday, November 18, 2016

Birthday, Theater and Halloween

Birthday.Вчера был мой День Рождения. У Ароши в классе есть девочка Сюзанна, которая живёт в нашем доме пару этажами ниже нас. Её мама, Света, работает на дому бухгалтером, а в свободное время печёт торты. Она показывала мне пару своих работ — по-моему, у неё очень здорово получается. И вот мне почему-то очень захотелось заказать у неё торт на свой праздник. Я не была уверена, если она делает их на заказ, но за спрос не бьют, и в результате я получила прекрасный торт. Кстати, очень даже вкусный. Заплатила я за него $50, что на мой взгляд очень умеренная цена для изделия на заказ.

А Ароша мне нарисовал открытку. Он встал в 6:45 утра, и спросил можно ли ему сделать тесто на оладушки, но получив отказ, удовольствовался только открыткой. Видно, моя идея оладушек на день рождественские завтраки пришлась ему очень по душе.

Birthday cake.Еще меня поздравила Эрика. Было очень приятно. Она заранее спрашивала, что я хочу в подарок, и я сказала, что буду рада чаю. Она выбрала мне набор травяных чаёв, и впридачу к ним подарила красивую кружку с ситечком. Должна сказать, что на данный момент Эрика — моя лучшая подруга.

А вечером к нам зашли в гости Данины родители (они подарили мне деньги, чтобы я сама выбрала подарок). Я приготовила оливье и мясо по-французски, мы открыли бутылочку белого вина и хоть недолго, но очень душевно посидели. Мне было очень приятно слышать от всех тёплые добрые слова. Ароша пожелал мне, кроме всего прочего, чтобы я собой гордилась, а Анюта добавила, чтобы я любила папу. Очень мило. Continue Reading
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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Our lemon and our tiger.This year Arosha decided that he wants to be a lemon. I asked him a few times before ordering a costume, but he did not change his mind. I think it’s a cute idea. There was pretty much only one lemon costume available online, so I did not have much choice. It turned out to be OK. Not great, but not too bad either. Arosha’s favorite color nowadays is yellow by the way.

Anюta has gotten Arosha’s old tiger costume. She looked cute in it, although she did not fancy the hood all that much.

YUM!It was pretty cold outside, but at least it was not raining. I put Anechka’s costume on top of her jacked and a hat, so she would stay warm.

Arosha liked trick-or-treating with Rachel in local stores last year so much that he wanted to repeat the same thing this year. I tried to arrange for Rachel and her little brother to join us, but they decided not to go at the end. I also invited Alex, Arosha’s new classmate, but they also bailed on us at the last moment. I think it might have something to do with the fact that Arosha and Alex fight sometimes, and his mom was not sure how the whole thing will go. Oh, well.

Grandpa and Arosha.Anyhow, after I picked Arosha from school, we put on his costume on the playground (on top of the jacket and a green hoody), and went to get some candy. I mostly stayed outside with Anюta, so Arosha went to the stores by himself. He got less candy than last year because he visited less stores. It was not as much fun for him since he had no company, but he still liked it. He even got a $1 bill from a random lady at Subway store, and we spent it on the kid’s rides by the Pizzeria.

We were finished in about an hour and went to the playground. D. Borya joined us there, but we only stayed there for about half an hour, since it was getting really cold.

Little tiger.And in the evening we met up with our neighbors — a 10 year old girl Nicole and her mom. We joined them last year for trick-or-treating around the building, and did the same this year. Nicole was wearing a mermaid costume, but unfortunately I did not take any pictures in the evening.

We started from our wing of the building, then proceeded to the part where Danya’s parents live, and I left Anechka with t. Oksana.

Grandpa with grandkids.Arosha had a blast. He was running around happily, and even though many people did not open their doors, there was someone giving out treats on almost every floor in each wing of the building. It took us almost two hours to go through, and I felt like a squeezed lemon at the end.

He got a lot of candy. We still need to go through it and sort all the chocolate things out for Danya’s work, since none of us eat chocolate at the moment (Danya and Arosha don’t like it, me and Anюta can’t have it on account of her eczema).

Mom.All in all, I am happy with the way the day went. Arosha was waiting for the Halloween for a long time, and anticipation was increasing the closer to October 31 it was getting. I wonder what costume he’ll pick out next year.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013

Arosha and Rachel.This year was the first year when we took Arosha trick-or-treating.

About a month ago we were talking about different holidays with him, and I mentioned Halloween — a day when children can dress up and go to stores and houses to ask for candies. Arosha got really excited with the idea, and said that he wants a costume too. First he requested a corn costume, but after looking through them on internet and spotting a sweet pea pod costume, he changed his mind and requested that one instead.

In the park after trick-or-treating.As you might know, Arosha’s favorite color is green, so it is not a surprise to me that he got so enchanted with the pea pod. We offered him a lot of other options by the way, but he knew exactly what he wanted.

I was not sure where to go with him, and I did not want him to go alone, so I asked some people on the playground about their plans. Luckily, Anya and her daughter Rachel did not have any plans and wanted to join us. I was told by our neighbor that all the local stores, including Silverstar, Party City, Rite Aid will have candies for kids and that the best time to go is probably around 11-12 oc’lock in the morning, before all the other children will get off school. This sounded like perfect timing, since we go the the playground daily at this time anyhow.

Getting ready.So I dressed Arosha up, and we met up with Rachel who was dressed up as a Cinderella (she is 7 months older than Arosha), her mom and brother Justin (he is one month older than our Anyutka) at 11:30. We then proceeded to happily yell trick-or-treat in local stores. We visited almost every one on our way, including a diner, two Chinese restaurants (they gave us fortune cookies), Russian groceries, bagel store, two pizzerias, 99 cents shops and even a travel agency. The only place that we visited that did not even want to acknowledge our Pea Pod and Cinderella was Aldi. Seriously. They just pretended they did not see us, so after a few minutes of trying to get their attention, we just left. Figures.

It was really great to have company. Arosha had a blast, and Rachel’s mom and I alternated going to the stores with the children, so we didn’t have to bring strollers in each time.

In the middle of trick-or-treating.It started to drizzle at some point, but luckily it did not last long. The whole thing probably took us 2 hours, and our children were exhausted by the time we reached the playground. We let them eat some candies, and they had a lot of fun doing it and playing with each other.

I asked Arosha later on which store he liked the most, and he said it was a Russian store. Not sure why exactly, but he keeps saying it was the best.

Profit!And in the evening we went trick-or-treating in our building. We joined acquaintances of ours — a nine year old girl named Nicole and her mom. I went with Arosha through half of the building and then I wanted to go feed Anyuta, who stayed with her grandma, but Arosha did not want to leave yet. Luckily we met Danya in the lobby, so they continued without me.

Arosha probably got 5 pounds of candy out of this. He was so tired at the end, that they did not even finish going through the last part of the building. Arosha had fun, but told me that he liked trick-or-treating in the stores more. I agree — it was more exciting.

Second round. Evening in our building with Nicole.And as for the candies, I gave some to Danya’s parents, we left some for ourselves and the rest Danya took to work. There is no way we can eat all these candies by ourselves!

I am very glad that we’ve decided to dress Arosha up for Halloween this year. I think next year I might buy a costume for Anyutka as well.
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Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Tiger

Arosha being a tiger.Today is the last day of October, and more notably, the Halloween. I am quite ambivalent to this “holiday”, but I think as Aroshka will get older this day might get more fun. I do enjoy seeing people in costumes though, so any trick-or-treaters are very welcome at our home. Too bad none actually came, which means that I’ll have to eat that big bag of chocolate candies all by myself.

A tiger or a pirate? Both?We did not dress Aroshka up last year, but this time around Aroshka’s grandma got him a tiger costume. If it was a tad warmer, I would have dressed him up for the morning playground walk, but with weather being in the high 40s I did not want to risk it. We dressed him in the evening though, and Danya took a few pictures. Look how adorable!

Lost something.On a different topic — I seem to be unable to keep Aroshka from getting little scratches, bumps and such. I noticed on Saturday evening that a small piece of his front upper incisor is missing. I think it was all fine in the morning, and then it just happened at some point during the day. I felt pretty upset about this and I really hope that it will have a minimal effect on his dental health.

Flash is exciting.He also fell down on his scar on Sunday (while squatting and picking up sticks on the playground), but again — I hope it’ll heal in a few days and will not make the scar worse than it is. I keep wondering from time to time if this happens because Aroshka is such an active baby, or because I am more lax with him than many other people with their babies. I just hope that these little things will somehow magically keep him out of big harms ways, and that scratches and bumps are parts of growing up anyhow.

Loading up the car with dad's photo gear.Our Japan trip is coming up. I still can’t fully believe that we’re living in less than 3 weeks. I am really looking forward to it, even though I worry about how both Aroshka and t. Oksana will handle our absence. I mean, people do leave their babies for a short while even at much earlier age, right? From what we read, mid to end of November is actually a perfect time to see the fall colors near Kyoto and Tokyo. Exciting! Danya is doing the majority of our research, but I chipped in a bit on the list of places that we want to visit in Kyoto.
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