Friday, October 25, 2019

Repainted Fireplace

Repainted fireplace in black and white. The after picture.We have done another paint job — we repainted our fireplace mantel and brick. Above is the finished version.

Repainted fireplace. Different angle. The after picture.While we enjoyed our fireplace, we thought that it might be improved from an aesthetic point of view.

Painting the fireplace. Work in progress.The mantel is old-fashioned and we didn’t want to get into changing it. White paint does wonders for it.

Brick painted in shiny black.The brick was old and very dirty and it was pretty much uncleanable.

Old and dirty brick.We decided to paint it black to match it with the glass door insert. The insert was kind of clashing after it was installed.

The old look. The before picture.I think it came out stellar. We also are planning to turn that single wall into a contrast wall with some greige paint in a near future. And we’re still considering options for the bottom section of the fireplace.

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