Sunday, October 20, 2019

Painted House

Repainted house. New door and shutters colors. Heritage Red and Raccoon Gray by Benjamin Moore.After really thinking about our house colors and knowing that we can’t really repaint the whole thing we decided to do what we can — we repainted the shutters and the door. Above is an end result photograph. We’re very happy with how it came out.

Original burgundy colors.I was never a fan of a burgundy accent colors that the previous owners have chosen. It made the house look drab and old fashioned.

Repainted setting from with the whole lawn.After a good amount of consideration with picked a bright red color for the door and fairly dark gray with some hints of blue color for the shutters.

This is how it looks with no shutters. Really off in our opinion.We also considered taking the shutters off completely, but raised ranch houses really do not look right without them. We saw how that looks in the process and it looked really wrong and boring.

Power washing the shutters.It took us six day of hard work to get everything done. And then some to actually finish the accents off. We took the shutter down and gave them a good power washing. We took the door down as well. We acquired a paint gun for the job as it was way too much work for a brush and an end result would’ve looked much worse.

Priming the shutters.We primed everything at first. Then we put several coats of paint on. Two coats for the shutters. And three coats of paint on the door.

Door prepared for the primer.With the door we had a bit of a color debacle. The first color we picked looked red on a sample, but turned out to be quite orange. Then we went for a plain red and that turned out to be orangy as well when combined with the first layer.

First two coats of paint on the door.And then finally we put a third coat of paint called Heritage Red by Benjamin Moore and that really did the trick. Perfect color in the end that we were going for. Even though it looks darkish on the sample it comes out just right.

Painting the shutters.The color for the shutters is called Raccoon Fur, also by Benjamin Moore. It really has a nice subtle blue hue even though its a fairly dark gray. We’re quite happy with the choice.

New hardware on the door.We also got rid of ugly gold old fashioned hardware on our door and replaced everything with silver colored modern looking locks.

A sleeping bat.On a side note we made an interesting discovery. When I took one of the shutters off I almost jumped off the leader. There was a pair of bats sleeping under it. They left for the hunt in the evening and didn’t come back. We bought a bat house that we’re going to attach to the house and hope for their return.

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