Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Hammock and Owls

Wooden owl.Several weeks ago we bought a hammock. We had perfect spacing between a pair of trees in our backyard to hang it on.

Our hammock area.However we knew that those trees were close to death when we moved in. These particular ashes were being killed by invasive beetles that have killed off pretty much all ash trees in the area.

Owls. We decided to put them up at a different height.Along with those ash trees we had another five trees that were either completely dead or on their last breaths so to speak. This area gets hit by strong storms from time to time, so we wanted to make sure that none of these trees fall on the house. We did hire a company and had them all cut down.

View from the deck.The crew of five people worked from 8am to 5pm. It cost us $3,200 to cut them all down and removed from our lot. A lot of money, but a very good deal considering the price of such work in the area.

Another angle.We asked to leave long stumps for where our hammock would hang. And in order to make it look presentable we ordered a pair of owls specially cut for us by a local artist. They were installed today.

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