Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hearhstone Update

My latest Hearthstone stats.Tomorrow Blizzard is releasing a second adventure mode expansion for their free-to-play card game Hearthstone. The expansion is going to focus on defeating the multitude of bosses and their minions that reside inside the Blackrock Mountain. Blackrock Mountain is actually the place we used to raid during our World of Warcraft days, when it took 40 people to defeat anything.

Lucky pack.Meanwhile I wanted to post an update on our past and current adventures in Hearthstone. We never really stopped playing. Sometimes we play more, sometimes less, but all throughout these months we’ve been enjoying this great game where a typical match takes from 10-15 minutes.

Angry Chicken win.Sometimes I start to lose interest, but my favorite Hearthstone podcast — The Angry Chicken — starts the fire again. The podcast is named after one of the most worthless cards in the game, but it was really fun when I made it work and won a game with it. That one was for Garrett, Dills and Jocelyn.

Rank 6.Alёna mostly prefers Arena mode (although she plays ranked too), as do I. But sometimes I play on the ladder for a while. My best result ever was reaching rank 6. Maybe one day I’ll make it to legendary, but I probably don’t have the skill nor the time to do that.

Lucky pack.One of the big draws to the game is getting as many cards as possible, which in turns allows you to build good or fun decks. Fun decks often lose, but they are fun — like my favorite Priest Madness deck which keeps stealing everything opponent is trying to throw at you and using it against the opponent. Back to the packs — sometimes you get complete junk, or stuff that you already have. However sometimes you strike gold — when every card in the pack is great.

10 wins in a row in Arena.The maximum number of games that you can win in Arena is 12. However we never got that far. My best run was up to 10, but it only happened once. I had a lot of 7s and a couple of 8s. Sometimes on very rare occasions you lose with 0 wins. That never feels pleasant, but for some reason on several occasion now the game gave me a legendary card as a consolation prize in the pack after such lose.

Defeated Curse of Naxxramas on Heroic difficulty.And a while back, when Blizzard released their first expansion — the Curse of Naxxramas — I beat it on Heroic difficulty. It’s been a lot of fun to build decks specifically to play on each boss’s weakness. That’s why I’m looking forward to playing through the Blackrock Mountain, which brings 31 news cards with it.

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