Sunday, March 1, 2015

Ringling Brothers Circus

Arosha in big circus hat gifted to him by his seat neighbor.One of the gifts that Arosha has gotten from Santa this year was a set of three tickets to the circus. One for Arosha, one for Arosha’s mom and one for me. Santa has decided that Arosha’s little sister was a little to young for the circus yet. The tickets were for the 28th of February.

Ringling Brothers Circus.None of us has been to a circus in US yet and Arosha hasn’t been to any kind of a similar event at all. The Ringling Brothers Circus was visiting New York and they were giving shows in Barclays Center for three weeks. And three of us went yesterday.

In line to get in.There was a ton of people. Arosha was quite excited. For the first part of the show he was very interested in everything that was going on. He said he liked everything very much.

Cannon lady. Crazy flight.What amazed us all was them shooting a woman out of a huge cannon through the whole arena at 65 miles an hour. I’ve never seen anything like that and that was mightily impressive. We also liked the elephant program from the first part of the show.

Elephants. I missed all the trick shots.Then there was a 15 minute break and another hour. Arosha started to expire during the break. Then they started the second half off with tigers which we were looking for, but it was the most boring part of the show. Tigers (understandably) didn’t want to do much of anything. They could sit and lye down on command. They also were looking for a chance to take a bite out of their trainer.

Annoyed tigers.There were some interesting segments in the second part too, but having seen multiple Cirque du Soleil performances I have to say that pretty much everything really paled in comparison. It was interesting for us to go and experience American circus, but I don’t think we’ll want to repeat that any time soon.

Camels.After the show we took Arosha to a great Japanese restaurant that was two blocks away — Taro Sushi. It’s the one we found right after we came back from Japan. He has never been there. We sat down right at the sushi bar and ordered a good number of our favorite sushi pieces.

Dinner at Taro Sushi.Arosha ate more of them than we did. His favorite is salmon, but he also liked white tuna, yellowtail, red fatty tuna and eel. The only one that he declined to try was red snapper and rightfully so. I didn’t like it either. We also had three bowls of nice miso soup.

And that was a full day for us. We got home tired, but happy.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 Fisheye Lens

Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 Fisheye lens.Recently I had a chance to acquire a lens that is made by an old Soviet factory (KMZ — Zenit) near Moscow from an old friend who was selling off his Nikon gear for a good price. I wanted to experiment with a fisheye lens for quite some time, but buying a new one made by Nikon or even Zenit didn’t make sense for such a specialty lens.

Autoportrait through a fisheye.The lens is a manual focus lens and even though it doesn’t feel as good as my f/1.2 Nikkor it is decent enough to achieve decent focus. In camera digital focus confirmation works most of the time. Also the lens achieves infinity focus at about 1.2 meters. It also is the first lens in my collection that make SLR self portraits possible. Not that it’s what I’m going to keep using it for.

Fisheye view from the window.The next thing that I want to try with it is taking landscape shots and seeing what kind of interesting or peculiar results I can achieve. I was told that it is decently sharp at f/8 which seems to be the case, but I haven’t tried shooting at a wider aperture myself yet. Overall it is proving to be a fun toy.

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