Sunday, June 1, 2014

Saturday Vacation

Jamaica Bay trail.Yesterday we met up with Maruk and the family and spent the whole day together with them. Somehow by not really driving anywhere the day felt like we were on vacation.

Real nature right inside of NYC.We started it off with a nice walk along the trail at Jamaica Bay National Wildlife Refuge in a nearby Queens. They day was warm, yet not humid and it was quite pleasant. Emma and Arosha seem to enjoy playing with each other even though they do have their share of disagreements.

Anюta getting a ride.Afterwards we took a short ride across the bridge to the Rockaways for a lunch in a nice place right on the water. The place was called Bungalow Bar and Restaurant. To our surprise the main dining room was totally full, so they ended up putting us into an outside tent. That arrangement was even better as our kids proceeded to chase after each other at great speeds.

Lunch at Bungalow Bar and Restaurant.And to complete the day we drove down to Fort Tilden. There was a big green field in the middle of it where we tried to get a kite going. Kids kept arguing whose turn it was to fly no matter the fact that the kite just would not fly for the lack of any wind. At one point I proposed to tie it to Maruk’s brand new Jeep and drive around, but somewhy my idea was turned down.

Conversation.Then Arosha discovered a soccer net and climbed onto it. He ended up looking like a spider. Emma wanted to try too, but Arosha was unnerving her by his complete inability to stay still and thus causing the net to wobble all over the place. After we talked him into letting her try to climb it without him sitting in the net she was able to get to the top as well which made everyone happy.

Trying to get the kite to fly.Although for some reason right after that Emma has declared that she no longer will play with Arosha which totally distressed Arosha for a short while. Of course within 30 seconds they both forgot about it and were happily climbing into and sitting in the cargo are of our car. All in all, contrary to how it might sounds, I think they did like playing with each other.

Cooperation. Trying it.And us adults — we had a really nice day too. And all this — only one exit away from our home.

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