Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Anna — 8 Months

8 months.Can you believe Anna is 8 months already? Doesn’t it seem that just yesterday she was still 3 or 4?

She is turning into such a delightful little human! Her personality shines through more and more every day. Anechka loves company, but does not need to be in the center of attention all the time. Often she can play by herself as long as we are in the same room. I don’t think I ever experienced this with Arosha — he always wanted constant interaction!

Suddenly standing.Anюtka started to crawl a while back. She can move pretty quickly around the apartment. She usually follows me wherever I go — kitchen, bathroom, bedroom. She crawls kind of funny. If Arosha looked like a giant lizard, she looks like a crab. Her arms and one leg are in the regular crawling position, but another leg she puts not on the knee, but on the foot. Not sure if my explanation makes sense, but we’ve made a video, so it’s easy to see. I call her my little crab from time to time.

Teeth proof.Anna smiles a lot. Especially if I am around and she feels safe. She is not afraid of strangers (again, if I am around), but does not like when someone other than me is holding her. She can tolerate Danya or his mom for a short periods of time, but that’s about it.

She loves to pull herself up and actually started cruising a little bit holding onto furniture. I wonder when she’ll start standing by herself.

Cruising.She can say “ma-ma-ma-ma-ma”, and I think that often she means it. When I am away and she wants to find me or is tired of crawling and wants me to pick her up, she often would do that “ma-ma-ma” chant.

Annushka loves animals and birds. When we went to the farm, she was laughing so much while looking at ducks and horses and sheep. She also was really fascinated by pigeons the first few times she saw them. Each time they flew, she laughed.

Exploring.She is still breastfed. She does not eat too often — sometimes her breaks during the day are 5 hours long. She wakes up 2-3 times during the night to eat, but I really don’t mind. We are loosely following baby lead weaning, but she barely eats any food. She likes trying what’s on our plates, but usually spits out everything. She figured that she is not a fan of quinoa, buckwheat or avocado (my morning staples at the moment).

More cruising.Anechka seem to like Arosha very much. She often will lighten up when he gets up in the morning (usually an hour or two later than her) and crawls to him. She does not like when he is pulling her down from behind though — and Arosha likes doing that. He seem to like her a lot too.

Arosha at a farm.We went to the allergist on Friday to see if he can identify anything that might be causing her eczema. The doctor did a skin test for 60 different allergens and all results were negative. I can’t tell you just how relieved I was to hear that. He prescribed a hidrocortisone cream and it helped to clear the worst things up. I don’t know how long her skin will stay more or less OK, but now I have hope that she’ll just outgrow this condition. I feel really bad for her when eczema flares up and she keeps scratching and scratching and scratching.

Early May.Just to sum it up, Anюta is such a delightful little girl. I adore her and love her with all my heart. And of course I love our son just as much!
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