Friday, November 1, 2013

Anna — One Month

Анюта. 1 month old.On Sunday our sweet little pea turned one month old. Time sure flies.

Anna is doing great. She is much better at breastfeeding than Arosha was at her age — partially because she did not have a tong tie, partially because my breast is easier to work with after two years of breastfeeding, partially because she did not have jaundice and therefore was stronger in the first few weeks. I was giving her a few ounces of expressed milk in a bottle here and there in the first week, but we stopped using any bottles after that since she can get what she needs herself.

Brother and sister.I have to say that as far as babies go, she is much more easygoing than her brother was at that age. She sleeps better, her stomach does not seem to bother her as much, she also sleeps well in a static stroller (it had to be moving with Arosha), and she sleeps well in the car. We don’t really give her a pacifier, except for special occasions. For example, we went to a playground yesterday, and in 2 hours she woke up hungry. It was too cold outside to breastfeed, so we had to get home first, which is a 20 minutes walk. I gave her a pacifier, and after a bit of a struggle, she sucked on it and fell asleep. I am not a big fan of pacifiers, but in situations like this they are definitely helpful.

Arosha's old gym.I bathe Anyutka almost every day. I don’t need any help doing that too! I remember with Arosha it was a two person business for months. I started washing her in the big tub in the last few days. She seem to prefer cooler water.

She is also doing well in the pooping department. Usually it’s 1-3 times a day, which is perfect. I use size one diapers of two brands — Earth’s Best and Seventh Generation.

Brother entertainment.I am also not following any diet. I remember being afraid to eat a variety of foods with Arosha, including onions, beans, cabbage. How silly. Now I try to avoid citrus fruit, strawberries, honey and nuts per my pediatrician. I eat pretty much everything else.

Anyutka sleeps pretty well at night. She usually goes to bed at around 10, wakes up at 1-2, than again at 4-5, than again at 6-7. Each day is a little different, but I get 5-7 hours of sleep a day on average.

Siblings.Also, I wanted to say that my mood is much better overall this time around. I had a bad case of baby blues with Arosha, but now after about a week of evening anxiety attacks I seem to be my usual self. Well, I am a bit more cranky than normally due to lack of sleep, but still.

On the not-so-bright side, my pregnancy related carpal tunnel syndrome is not gone yet. It got a little bit better — I don’t have to use a splint for sleep anymore, but my fingers are still numb on both hands (right hand is worse). I also have a nasty thing which I don’t remember having with Arosha — night sweats. Ugh! I wake up drenched in sweat, but I don’t have much time to change because I have to feed Anyutka, so I just put a bathrobe on in order not to freeze.

Playing.Arosha has been pretty great. He was excited when Anyutka got home from the hospital. He likes touching her head, and he tells us that he loves his little sister and that she is a good and pretty baby. He also helps me to entertain her sometimes by showing her different toys and talking to her. He was telling her about his dream the other day, which I think is very cute.

Arosha also keeps asking why was she born (“А почему у нас Анютка родилась?”) every day. I am not sure I understand what he means by that, but the question definitely does not have any negative connotation. I think he is just very curious about they way things work and interact in this world. I usually tell him that it was time for her to come out from my belly.

Arosha.People keep asking me if he is jealous. So far it does not look like. Of course, we try to pay a lot of attention to him. Every morning Danya’s dad comes for an hour to help with his entertainment while I pack for a walk. Every evening Danya’s mom spends a few hours with him (just as before). We go for walks daily — nothing has changed in this regard. Danya also plays with him when he has time and we go someplace fun every weekend. I don’t know if it will stay this way when she grows older, but I sure hope so.

I don’t have much time for myself, but I am able to do some shopping, to cook a little, to clean and partially do laundry (with Danya’s mom help). I remember being completely dependent on outside help for all of these things when Arosha was born.

Anna. Two and a half weeks.We went to pediatrician on October 30th, and Anyutka is growing well. She measured 22.75 inches, 10 lbs.

My mom has gotten her visa, so she will come visit for a few months, probably starting in mid December. I am looking forward to this!

I also wanted to say that I love our little girl with all my heart already. To be honest, this newborn stage is not my favorite one, and I know that Anyutka be so much more fun even in a few months, but I still enjoy her. Often I think to myself — how did we get so lucky to get these two little souls? And I feel blessed.
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