Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Annushka’s First Five Days

Annushka. 4 days old.Only five days have passed since Anechka’s birth, yet so many things have already happened. First of all we’re doing a lot better than we did with Arosha since we just know everything by now and are not easily scared anymore. She also appears to be a much calmer baby. She eats, she sleeps with really small doses of crying.

Tiny foot.Alёna is breast feeding exclusively and is doing it on demand as opposed to our previous time when she had to wake Arosha up every 2 hours to feed him. Anya is doing pretty well with it at this point, although she still has a lot to learn about eating. The reason for not having to do the scheduled feeding is the lack of apparent jaundice. It is still there, but it appears to be much milder than what Arosha had. Also she has no tongue-tie so it’s easier for her to eat.

Accidental smile. 5 days old.Today we had our second doctor visit. At birth she was 7lb 10oz. On Monday doctor visit she was at 6lb 13oz. Today she is at 7lb 6oz which is great. Doctor also said that she is not as yellow, which is also great. We did do the blood test to make sure it’s going down and should get results later today. She regularly has wet diapers and I think the count for today (since midnight) is 7. She seems to prefer to poop once a day, but in large volumes — sorry for so much details.

Curiosity.Today she slept for five hours straight during the night. Arosha still sleeps at grandparents although he comes to visit every day. Alёna went for a walk with both of them today. It took her nearly a month to be brave enough with Arosha. Also her umbilical cord fell off today — much quicker than it took with Arosha.

Sleeping.And in the end I want to say that I’m still not settled on what form of the name to use, but I think Alёna did. Not all of the forms transliterate well, but here are some: Anyuta — Alёna’s favorite, Annushka, Anechka, Anya, Anna — too official. I keep trying all of them, but not sure which one works the best for me. Anya, Anechka, Anyuta.
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