Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Twenty and a Half Weeks

Currently I am 20 and a half weeks pregnant.

I feel good. I still get more tired than pre-pregnancy, but other than that, I barely notice that my body is actively assisting in creating a little human being among other things. I still fit into majority of my clothes, although many pants won’t zip anymore. I told a few people on a playground today that I’m pregnant, and they sounded genuinely surprised, which means that to majority of the population I still don’t look all that pregnant. I am not exactly sure how much weight I gained, since I forgot how much I weighted 20.5 weeks ago, but it is somewhere around 7-10 pounds.

I started to feel some movement, although very faintly and very rarely, in the last few days. My OBGYN told me that my placenta is on top, so it cushions the baby’s kicks, and therefore impedes my feeling the baby. I don’t mind.

Twenty and a half weeks pregnant.We are somewhat confused about the name. I always thought that if I ever have a daughter, I’ll name after my grandma. But last week my sister told me that my grandmother was actually not too fond of her own name, so now I am not sure if we should use it anymore. I can’t think of a name that I like more though, so for now it is still our number one option.

Danya and I went to the ultrasound last Friday. Everything looks good, although they were not able to get very good images of her heart due to her position. We even walked around for half and hour, and I drank some coffee and a mango smoothie, but that did not help. We decided not to come back, since I think that if something was seriously wrong, they would have seen it regardless. We did not get any 3D pictures as was the case with Aroshka, but since they are far from reality anyhow, I am not even upset about it.

Looking ahead, I am a little worried about Aroshka adjusting to our family’s new addition. He is spoiled by my attention, and naturally, it will sharply decrease. I just hope he’ll handle it well and won’t be too stressed out. I actually think that a bit less attention will do him good, but I guess only time will tell how well it will go. We were thinking about enrolling him in some daycare, but he starts crying and tells us that he does not want to go when we offer him to try. I know he is very attached to me, and I just don’t want to hurt him by forcing him to do something that he is not ready for.
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