Friday, March 18, 2011

Daily Walks

Arosha walking in his walk around thingy.Today was a super-hot day — totally felt like summer. I went for a walk with Aroshka and d. Borya, who told me that in the morning it was not too warm out. ) As a result, I dressed both Aroshka and myself up in winter jackets and hats. What a mistake! ) I took my jacket off right away, and undressed Aroshka after he woke up (I unzipped him when he was asleep, but was reluctant to disturb him any further since he is a very light sleeper).

While my mom was here, I developed a good habit of going for 2 hour walks with Aroshka. Danya’s mom was telling me ever since he was born that fresh air is very good for babies, but I lacked confidence and was scared to go just by myself. I only did it twice a week on average (and she was taking him for long walks on the weekends), and I tried to find good excuses to stay home when possible, but felt guilty for not going outside as a result. )

Lions on a little lion.The thing is that Aroshka has gotten much more manageable in the last few months. He used to wake up screaming every half hour when he was younger, and it took a lot of effort to calm him down and put him back to sleep. Now he stirs in his sleep from time to time, but usually rocking the stroller prevents him from fully waking. I do try to stay on quieter streets though since the noise seem to negatively affect the length of his naps.

Speaking of quieter streets… I am growing so really tired of how overcrowded Brooklyn is. We live in a 10 minute walk from the canal on Emmons street, but even by the water there is much more noise than I would like to. It seems that there is no escape from cars, concrete and buildings. I really long for more rural views! My hope is that we’ll buy a house eventually (probably, no sooner than I will return to work though) in a quiet suburban area. )

Arosha being a little bird. Check out the hair.I also wish that I had a friend with the baby of similar age nearby. It’ll be so great to go for walks together and to set play dates for our kids later on. Maybe I’ll get lucky and will meet some young mama one of those days. ) So far I see a lot of older women walking with the babies and toddlers — I guess, some of them are grandparents, and some are baby-sitters.

Aroshka is growing so fast! Danya already wrote that he gets on his knees and hands and rocks back and forth — and he is doing it with more and more confidence each day. I think he’ll crawl in a few weeks. We need to order a gate to separate our kitchen — we keep Shublik’s food and litter box out there, and I am sure Aroshka will be magnetized by both of these. )

Alёna getting ready for Arosha walk.He still can’t sit unassisted, but I am not worried — every baby develops at his own pace, and probably in a month or so Aroshka will get there. Our boy has very strong legs and hands, but it seems that his spine is still weak. I think one of the reasons for this might be that his torso is pretty long.

Arosha loves water! Every time we go to the bathroom, he starts smiling and acting all kinds of happy. Even washing his face and hands gets him very excited. ) I especially like when Danya and Arosha are bathing together — both of them radiate so much happiness that watching them is pure pleasure. )

On a completely different subject. I finally finished reading “Lonesome Dove” by Larry McMurtry. I am ashamed to admit it, but I was chewing on it for over 3 months! Well, my mom’s presence here is really to blame — I did not touch it for the first two months she was here. ) I liked it a lot in the beginning, but grew a bit tired of all the deaths by the end. Overall, not a bad read, but I’ll stay away from Westerns for some time I think. )

Oh, and the last piece of trivia. Just before my mom left, I re-blondified myself a bit and got a new shorter haircut. I think it looks nice, so I am set for another 3-4 months. )
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