Sunday, January 2, 2011

Light Tent

Light tent setup. Two flashes aimed at the sides, triggered with D700 built in flash.I’m doing some experimenting with the light tent1 that Alёna got me for New Year and want to post some sample shots. I expected it to be a bit smaller when opened, because when closed it is no bigger than a standard mousepad. However after opening it the first time we have yet to figure out how to fold it back up.

Having a camera with a working comander flash (D70 clearly had some issues in its last days) and 2 remote flashes (Nikon SB-800 & SB-600 pair) makes taking shots of items amazingly easy. If last time I had to take literally hundreds of shots to get a decent one, the shots below I’ve gotten from 2-3 tries. These shots needed small level adjustment to blow out the whites or pull in the blacks and that was pretty much it.

Casio Pathfinder watch.
iPhone 4.
iPhone 4. Black.For reflection I’m using a marble tile which has a lot of imperfections in it. I need to replace it with a simple piece of glass.

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