Friday, October 8, 2010

Days of The Present

Alёna and Aroshka.I haven’t really posted anything in a while now — it’s an interesting time — there is really nothing going on yet there is so much going on.

Aroshka is growing. He’s clearly gaining weight — our biggest worry from the first month. We have a scale which is not very precise, the with each day arrow keeps climbing further and further away from 0. For the most part I stopped worrying.

Alёna and Aroshka.These days I worry more for Alёna — the whole thing is really hard on her. I’m trying to help with what I can and hope that I’m at least slightly useful. I know that when I’m at work, at home or anywhere else — I don’t have to be nervous about anything. I just know that she’s been a mother for only 2 months, but she’s already really great at it. I know that as long as Arosha is with her all is and will be well.

Alёna sings and reads to him all the time. She has so many great songs (although lyrics keeps changing all the time) and a great voice. I enjoy listening to her sing as much as Aroshka does. And most of the time its all Aroshka needs to calm down.

For me the hardest thing right now are the times when Alёna is upset or very tired. I feel all those emotions very well and tend to go into the same mood myself. But when she gets a bit of sleep and Aroshka isn’t being very fussy she goes right back to being her happy self and life is good again. Not every day is good yet, but there are definitely good day — it all depends on what Arosha decides to be that day.

Mama helps a lot. She comes over every night and spends a lot of time with him on the weekends. She’s been letting us go out every Saturday for a couple of hour and I think that helps Alёna too.

We also almost figured out how to stick Aroshka into the moby-wrap. Not quite perfect yet, but we’re getting there. I think the harder part is that he is too long. Speaking of which — we tried to measure if has grown more and our “scientific” method established that he’s shrinking. o.O Sadly our doctor’s method is about as scientific as ours. Our big 2 months appointment is on this Friday. Hopefully it goes well and we have good height (rather length at this point) and more importantly weight progress.

In her last post Alёna mentioned our visit to the doctor. Now a little bit more than a week later I can say that doctor is a moron, politely speaking. He scared Alёna and I for no good reason. Instead of reassuring that everything is going well he went on to diagnose her and our kid (which he didn’t even see) with all kinds of scary things which have no ground to stand on. Alёna talked to her Manhattan doctor that was with her through the pregnancy and she was much more positive and actually more right. Basically the sex, even though not yet the same as it was before, is fine. Everything works.

I myself am very much into my photography these past weeks. I really enjoy the hobby and get a lot of satisfaction from my latest photographs and post-processing work. I look at my older stuff and I can see myself how much I’ve grown over the years, in no small part thanks to a few people who I have a pleasure of having as friends.

Andrey — who is a skillful artist who definitely had an influence on my photography, Geoff — who got into it himself recently and is an interesting person to sound ideas off and get feedback from, Maruks — who have supported me with my photography from the very early days with their generosity and encouragement, my dad — who keeps pushing me to try and experiment with new things and of course Alёna who gets to approve and helps pick the best of multiple version that I always end up with, whose opinion I value very much.

There are probably a lot more little and big things on my mind, but I think I’ve blabbered on enough for one time. I’ll just keep posting more photos. )

P.S. Oh, and I almost forgot. We just ordered a new crib for Aroshka with a new mattress and a new crib bedding set. Aroshka doesn’t quite fit into his bassinet anymore.

P.P.S. Another thing I forgot to write about — Arosha started talking in the past weeks. He keeps making all kinds of sounds cooing and such. He has the funnies and the sweetest voice. He also now follows things around with his eyes. Very cool stuff.

P.P.P.S. How many of these can I add? I just wanted to say that now I’m at a point that whenever I look at a picture of Arosha I get overwhelmed with feelings. Maybe it took me a while to realize, but I really love the little guy.
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