Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Post-Birthday World

The Post-Birthday World by Lionel Shriver.Today was gray and rainy — not a very pleasant day I guess, although I can see a certain charm in it too. I was looking out of the office window often today to admire the pail watery clouds which were hiding the tops of Manhattan skyscrapers from me, to watch the very basic dance of rain streaks, to simply think about the special beauty of the fall.

On days like today classical music and Russian rock go especially well. My sister used to play October by Tchaikovsky — I think it captures my mood perfectly, and I always feel somewhat nostalgic when I hear the music. Tam-tam-tam-tam-tadada…

I am chewing on “The Post-Birthday World” by Lionel Shriver right now. Been at it for about a week now (subway rides naturally), and have only gotten through about a half of this novel (250 pages or so). I picked it up after seeing it on 2007 NY Times books list, and in a way it turned out to be a disappointment for me. The piece has its moments, but it’s not exiting or humorous enough for me. )

The story itself is about a girl, Irina McGovern, who is at the crossroads of a sort and needs to decide whether she wants to stay with her secure, but slightly boring boyfriend, or if she wants to leave him for more exciting, but far more unpredictable “cat-in-the-bag” celebrity snooker player. I got to give Lionel credit for quite an original construction of the novel — she plays a “what if” game with the reader and repeats each chapter twice depending on which road was taken. I intent to finish this work, but already look forward to something more captivating. )
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