Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thule Bike Rack Arrives

Thule 990 Doubletrack Platform Hitch Bike Rack.Our Thule Doubletrack bike rack was delivered yesterday. The box was huge and pretty heavy. It did contain the rack and all the accessories that I ordered inside.

The box that Thule rack came in.Putting it together involved 6 nuts and bolts and the whole process didn’t take more then 15 minutes. The final construction is very sturdy for the most part.

At this point I haven’t been able to fit it onto the car, but I’m starting to wonder whether this construction will fit into the trunk if the need arises. The central pole with hooks does go down, but it still is big.

Bike rack attached to the L-shaped adapter that goes into our hitch.The locking anti-rattle bottle is great. It solves both of the worries that I had about an L-shaped adapter for our hitch. It actually does remove all the rattle by replacing a simple pin with a massive nut and bolt, which also has a lock fitted onto it.

Buttons are replaced with Thule locks.The only complain that I have so far is that the hook mounts on the central pole could be more sturdy. The plastic mounts do not seem like they can take a lot of beating, so hopefully it’s not going to be a weak spot of what seems to be a great setup.

I also replaced the buttons with Thule locks and used a locking bolt to attach the rack to the hitch.
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