Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yellowstone NP Trip

The approximate map of our Yellowstone trip.It’s this time of the year again — time to post the breakdown and the plan of our next road trip. This time our main objective is Yellowstone National Park. It is the oldest and probably one of the most richest and most famous parks.

The route on the map1 above is the most likely way we will go, but it omits all the points of interest. I want to read up more about the stamp locations along the way and the actual plan of exploring2 Yellowstone itself.

Otherwise the plan is very simple. We fly3 out on the evening of Friday, July 17th, to Denver, Colorado where Eldar has promised to pick us up. We’re going to hang out with him for the following week and we’ll take the trip to Yellowstone together.

We’re going to stay in Colorado the following day and maybe we’ll get a chance to drive to the entrance of Rocky Mountain NP to get our stamps.

On the early morning of Sunday, July 18th, we’ll set course to Wyoming, or Yellowstone NP to be more precise. We’re going to be staying in cabins4 3 miles away from the eastern entrance to the park. We’re going to spent the next 3 nights here and use this place as a home base for our exploration of Yellowstone.

The road system inside Yellowstone looks like a number 8. We plan to dedicate all of Monday to exploring the upper loop and Tuesday to exploring the lower loop. Lower loop includes such notable places as Old Faithful Geyser.

Right under the Yellowstone there is another park — Grand Teton National Park. That’s where we’ll be going on Wednesday, July 22nd. We’re going to stay here one night5 and try to explore the park.

And on Thursday, July 23rd, we’re going to be driving back to Colorado where we’ll spend the rest of our vacation and celebrate Eldar’s birthday on 24th.

We’ll be leaving late at night on Saturday and we’ll be home on early Sunday morning.

  1. A fully interactive map can be viewed on Google. []
  2. Good interactive map of Yellowstone NP at NPS site. []
  3. JetBlue, JFK airport, $678.40 round trip for the 2 of us. []
  4. Shoshone Lodge, $130 per night + tax. []
  5. Flagg Ranch Resort, $200 for the night. []

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