Sunday, October 19, 2008

300C Interior

Dashboard of our car with California walnut inserts.Roomy rear seats with rear air conditioning and seat warmers.More then a week ago Alёna and I took a couple of shots of interior of our car during the night with all the lights glowing. One of them is HDR, but the colors are slightly off on it from the true ones. The other one doesn’t show as much detail, but the colors are realistic.

I didn’t want to post them before I had a chance to take a couple of shots during the day time. And we did that today.

Mouse over the images for a detailed description.

300C dashboard with no zoom and no flash. The touchscreen of navigation and musical system with no glare.
Dashboard close-up. This is an HDR shot. Good details, but the glow color is slightly off.
Interior shot at dusk. True color of the dashboard lights.
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