Monday, September 29, 2008

Southwest Road Trip

Southwest Road TripWe have booked yet another one of our mega road trips yesterday. Planning and booking1 this kind of trip took us 5 hours of labor and that’s considering that we had a good idea of the route2 already. I want to do a full write up of the current plan as I did the last time for future references.

On the early morning of Saturday, November 22nd, we fly3 out to El Paso, Texas. We rent a car4 at the airport and proceed to check out the city and the local parks. We spend our first night5 here.

On Sunday morning we drive out east in the direction of Carlsbad, New Mexico. We’re staying in a hotel located in a near by town of Artesia, New Mexico for the next night6. On our way we plan to visit Guadalupe Mountains National Park and Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

On Monday morning we drive to Las Cruces, New Mexico through Lincoln National Forest and making a stop at White Sands National Monument. We’re spending 1 night7 at Las Cruces.

On Tuesday we leave New Mexico and drive to Tucson, Arizona. We plan to visit Saguaro National Park which is located very close or right inside Tucson itself. We’re going to spend 1 night8 here.

On Wednesday we drive to our final destination — Phoenix, Arizona. We’re going to be staying in Scottsdale, AZ, it’s one of the neighborhoods of Phoenix metropolitan area. On our way there we go through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, a park that I wanted to visit for a long time. We’re going to spend 3 nights9 in Phoenix.

On Thursday we plan to drive up to Sedona, Arizona and look at the sights. We’re going to get back to Phoenix in the evening.

Friday is going to be spent on visiting Sonoran Desert National Monument and exploring Phoenix itself.

On Saturday we’re flying out back home at about noon local time, thus concluding another, what I hope will be awesome, vacation.

  1. This time we’ve booked 2 rooms at every hotel. All of them come with a king size bed and full breakfast. []
  2. Full size diagram of the trip can be viewed at Google Maps. Blue pins are for hotels and green pins are for places we plan to visit. Full driving map is also available at Google Maps. []
  3. United Airlines, $505 per person, round trip. []
  4. Dollar Rent a Car, estimated at $508. []
  5. Embassy Suites El Paso, $102 per night, per room. []
  6. Best Western Pecos Inn, $90 per room, per night. []
  7. Hampton Inn Las Cruces, $93 per night, per room. []
  8. Best Western Royal Sun Inn & Suites, $116 per suite, per night. These suites come with in-room jacuzzi. []
  9. Homewood Suites by Hilton Phoenix / Scottsdale, $284 per suite, for 3 nights. []

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