Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Design That Will Never Be

Rubinary v1I spent all my nights and weekends of the past week or two on a new design for the site. I felt it was about the right time to refresh the blog style and make something with the new domain name in mind.

First I built a concept in Photoshop. After I was happy with it I cut the images and put down some code. I haven’t used a single table and did everything using CSS. Now that the site is pretty much done, with the exception of small details I find it that I’m liking it less and less.

I’ve been contemplating killing the redesign for the past 2 days, while trying to improve some of the things that I didn’t like. Now I’ve made the decision. The final product is not good enough. Not my kind of thing I guess.

I figured I’ll post the screenshot of whole thing anyway, considering how much time I spent on it.
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