Saturday, February 24, 2007

Oh, Those Essays

Alёna TypingYay! I just finished writing two essays – one for English class and another one for History class.

As long as I can remember I was always complaining when I had to compose an essay. I think my mom got totally used to it back in the days. The task of formal writing is somehow always daunting. Interesting introduction, meaningful ending, persuasive body… Brrr… Not to mislead you – I am good at writing formal essays; it’s the knowledge of a lengthy creative process that makes me whine. On the other hand, I kind of enjoy it – forcing a brain to exercise is always rewarding.

Writing in English is very challenging though. Thesaurus at is my dear friend. Yesterday to my everlasting amusement I’ve noticed the definite improvement in my ESL skills. The thing is that for English 2150 class I had to write a “How To” essay. Professor Kyd suggested describing a cooking process as one of the alternatives. To make my life easier I’ve decided to take the recipe from my older Lagman post. Well, I had to rewrite some of the stuff – it just looks so cumbersome and… I don’t know… Russian?

I’m sure that this post is far from perfect as well, but still somewhat better in terms of language. I’ve decided not to fix any of the previous posts, however, and let them stay the way they are for historical purposes.
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