Thursday, September 14, 2006

Wedding: The Mini Crisis

MGM GrandToday, after I heard that almost everybody got their tickets I figured I’ll get more information about the wedding ceremony. I remember checking a while back on the official city of Las Vegas website that their official wedding offices are open 7 days a week, including all holidays. My assumption was that even if the city offices are open, the business will be open for sure.

I call Luxor to actually make a reservation: we’re planning to have our wedding on November 23rd, which falls on Thanksgiving. Oh, ok, but we’re closed on that day. 8O YOU WHAT?? o.O By now I’m in a state of shock. Everyone has tickets and we can’t have a wedding! I call city offices, they are indeed open. I figure, worst case we’ll do the wedding in the city hall, but they don’t let the guests in. I start calling all hotels: Mandalay Bay – closed, New York New York – closed, Paris – closed, MGM Grand – yeah, sure, we’re open. teeth

To make a long story short, we have a wedding ceremony scheduled on November 23rd, 1:30pm at MGM Grand Chapel. The package that we picked is called “Forever Yours”. The difference between this one and their top package is it has less photos included and doesn’t have pedicure/manicure part. We upgraded photography to the level of the top one and saved $200 as a result. Total of the package comes out to $1399. It includes lots of photography now, hair style and make up for the bride, flowers and a bunch of other stuff.
Eternity begins in style with the “Forever Yours” package. Our exceptional service assures you a wedding of extravagance through an array of personalized services. A classic photography package, beautifully designed bouquets, and a day of beauty at the world-renowned salon, Cristophe, are merely a few of the services we offer. Through the collection of lavish amenities, the first day of forever will be the beginning of unforgettable memories.
One more step closer to the wedding! Next big thing to tackle: the after-wedding dinner.
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