Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Best Woman

Diamond RingToday I asked Vicky to be my “best woman” aka “maid of honour”. To my joy, she agreed!! I’m so glad. I didn’t know whom to ask- my old time friends are far away from here and I don’t really have a close girl friend. I think Danya’s mom is the closest one to that definition. But Vicky is great for the role. I will be really happy to have her by my side at such an important and exciting moment in my life.

After talking to her today I think I’m drifting into the “wedding rush” phenomenon. Was looking though some wedding dress sites today. Don’t want the traditional ivory white one. Not sure what I do want exactly, but one thing I realized- Vicky will help me to make a selection. Going to be a perfect wedding dress, I have a full confidence in us!! )

Danya invited Moisha today, he said that he will come. Would be great, if Eldar’s family could come. Oooo, my head is spinning in perfect unison with Danya’s.

On the other note. I’ve registered for classes for the fall semester. Don’t have a perfect schedule, but at least I was able to get into all the desired ones. Had a hard time registering for communications, but -tfu-tfu- grabbed the available seat after it appeared (was checking availability couple of times a day until this one showed up). So I’ve registered for Writing (English), Communications (English) , Music, Psychology, Political Science. Have to take them all, which is very sad, but inevitable. Even though some of the credits were transferred, there is no way around Music or Psychology. ( Oh well, I’m happy that I’m going back to college, this is really important for me. And I’m scared. And eager to study. )
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