Thursday, April 27, 2006

One Day To Liftoff

Prada GlassesLast day in the office before the long awaited vacation! We take off tomorrow, at 6:30pm, going to the airport. This one was scheduled way ahead of the vacation itself, somewhere in the middle of the February. Usually we can’t plan that much ahead, and end up booking everything a week before. So we had a long 3 months wait to get through this time around. But finally the time has come (almost).

We have a fun trip planned. First we’re flying out to Denver, CO, where Eldar is going to meet us. Strangely enough though Eldar has been spending more time in NYC lately then in Colorado. He’s actually flying back to Denver one hour ahead of us. Although we’re going from JFK and he is going from LaGuardia. We’re going to spend the night in his family’s house in Boulder, and go to Estes Park the next day. Rocky Mountain National Park should have a lot of beautiful scenery, so I expect to take a lot of pictures. Estes Park is going to be a one day even.

A day after that we’re driving out to Vail, CO. I’m not sure what we’re going to do there yet, but again, the drive itself and the town should have some very nice views. Even thought there are predictions of rain, that trip will be fun. We have a room booked in a nice resort, so sitting in a hot jacuzzi during right might actually be nice. We’re scheduled to spend one night there, after which we’re going back to Boulder.

The next day (Tuesday) we have a flight to Las Vegas. Vegas seems to be our favorite vacation spot. This will be the 5th or even 6th time that we’re going to visit this place. There is just so much to do for us every time, that it doesn’t seem to get boring. Time for some expensive fun!

I’m planning to actually make posts of our daily (or not so daily) adventures throughout the next week, with pictures of course.

And while I’m on the topic of Las Vegas and expensive stuff, I’m going to throw in a couple of words about the last addition: Prada sunglasses. Since all of my sunglasses were stolen when our car got broken in to (including my old Brooks Brothers and my new Armani glasses) we bought the new ones, so I could drive to work. At first I figured I’d wait until Vegas again, to buy a new pair, but my eyes are so sun sensitive that I couldn’t take it any longer. We paid a bit more then $300 for them. Some time later I’ll throw in a paragraph about my watch as well.
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