Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Foggy Morning Serenity

Our woods, our backyard.We had some light snow this morning1 and then heavy fog set in onto the area. All that made for a really quite and serene morning.

Street that our house is on.I couldn’t help it, but stop and snap a couple of pictures of this scene in our own neck of the woods.

  1. Which nevertheless caused the school day to be delayed by 2 hours. []
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Clove Lakes Park

Arosha and Alena. Exploring the woods.We’re making good use of free time by having a quite active long weekend. Alena and Arosha usually go out for a walk to a local park and spend 3-4 hours there every day. Since they are pretty tired of the same park over and over again, we try to find a new place for a weekend every time we have a chance.

Arosha and grandpa. Arosha was always ahead of everyone.Today we decided to drive out to Staten Island to Snug Harbor Park, but because of the holiday the park was closed. Same thing with a small Staten Island zoo. We looked at the map and went to the closest “green” area. Clove Lakes Park turned out to have a lot of territory and no fences to close. Naturally this ended up being our park of choice for the day.

Sasha performing some strange feat.Arosha was very excited about going into the woods. We think that one of the reasons is that all the tales typically happen in the woods. And of course a new place is always fun.

Family portrait.He picked up all kinds of old sticks and branches, dug in the leaves, “cooked” shish-kebabs for everyone at a picnic area, poked at different kinds of forest mosses and mushrooms growing on old logs.

Arosha and grandpa looking at mushrooms.It was a short, but refreshing outing. On the way there and back Arosha kept everyone amazed by his good vision and incredible knowledge of ALL the makes of cars that can be found on the road. He kept calling them out before we could see them and unmistakably identifying the makes. I hope one day he will show the same curiosity towards letters and learns them as quickly as he did the car makes.

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