Saturday, March 18, 2017

January and February Fitness

Activity app medals.One of the days.When I posted my year-end fitness stats back in December I had to use three different applications to extract and tabulate the data from HealthKit. And that’s not counting Excel to calculate averages and max values. It took a lot of effort.

But soon after the year started I wanted to install an app for my dad that would let him view his stats in a better way than HealthKit presents it in. And while doing it I got an ad for another similar app which I did not see before even though I did search for these things. It turned out to be perfect.

The app is called HealthView and is a great dashboard for HealthKit data. Even though the app is a little buggy — sometimes it takes too long to update and loads the data from a wrong date or crashes — it still lets you view your stats in a good, beautiful, clear way after a few restarts or reloads.

HealthView dashboard. Day view.HealthView dashboard. Month view.My move (the number of days I achieved my calorie goal on) streak is currently at 278 days. Here are my numbers from the first two months of this year. January is first table, February is second.
MertricUnitsPer DayMaxTotal
Active Energycalories52382516,233

MertricUnitsPer DayMaxTotal
Active Energycalories5811,27216,276

HealthView metric drill down. Month view.Activity app. Filling in the circles.At this point we do the most of the work on a stationary bike. We did put a real bicycle on a trainer in the begging of the year and it was a lot more pleasant. However it was sadly producing way too much vibration and living in the apartment we just didn’t feel at easy working out in this way. We’re thinking of investing in a much more high quality stationary bike than our current one.

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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Fitness Year End Update

Activity app medals.My current streak.During the past year I have taken up a rudiment of daily exercise in order to stay more fit. As we get older it gets harder to keep our weight in a good range without some effort. That combined with a sitting job is asking for something to be done.

The hardest part is getting motivated to stick with something from day to day without finding excuses of being too tired or too lazy and so on and on to skip a day. For me Apple Watch has played a role of a huge motivator. If I miss a day I miss out on weekly, monthly and other “medals” that Activity app hands out.

Activity calendar. Exercise, activity, standing.Exercise log.And so I have been doing at least 30 minutes of exercise starting from the 1st of May without a fail and meeting my calorie daily goal every single day. For me I needed two things to be able to stick with it. First is getting calories burned with a path of least resistance — stationary cycling machine at home.

And to make those minutes fly by a game of HearthStone on iPad — TV doesn’t occupy the mind enough and minutes drag on. HearthStone makes the minutes fly by while you are thinking of the strategy for your next move against another human being on the other end.

Some statistics for the data that I have tracked — at first I wasn’t recording everything, but I’ve been trying to keep everything logged for the last 6 months or so:
ActivityUnitsDate RangePer DayMaxTotal
Walkingstespsyear to date3,72620,6301,362,737
Active Energycaloriessince May 1st468965114,653
Cyclingmilespast 6 months6.9415.281,208
Excerciseminutespast 6 months46.091401,382
Walkingmilesyear to date1.859.54677

Weight loss — from 176 lb to 165 lb at 5′ 11″:
Weight Chart
Some other observations: Activity app is a killer feature of Apple Watch for me. I could easily give all other niceties up if I could track the fitness data with some smaller device like a thin bracelet or a ring in order for me to be able to wear my mechanical watches.

I also have just received a trainer designed for a real bicycle in order to make sure I’m working the right muscles as opposed to our current stationary bike in which one sits in an unnatural position. I haven’t had a chance to test it out yet. I plan to do it in the next couple of days.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

Cycling 2010

Cycling clothing.The cycling year is over and since I’m not planning to cycle in the last 8 hours of this year I decided to calculate and post the final stats. There are many valid excuses I can come up with for such unimpressive results, but it’s better than nothing.

In the last months the weather got really cold and I had no proper clothing. However a week ago I finally bought a couple of items that allowed me to put some miles in without freezing to death. I had the long pants from the last year and my helmet came with a winter insert which I installed.

I bought a thermal layer that goes under a jersey (basically a t-shirt with long sleves that soaks up sweat) and a really nice cycling jacket. I’m thinking that I should’ve gotten it one size smaller since the rubber strip on the bottom doesn’t prevent it from sliding up. Otherwise it’s water and wind proof, has a lot of convient pockets and a long back.

I think what I need to get is a long sleeved jersey to replace my summer one, get some thermal layer on the head to cover the ears, get a pair of booties that go over the cycling shoes, some real gloves and it should make cycling comfortable during winter.

Here are the final numbers:
MonthRidesTotal DistanceOverall Time
8 months34707.0453:54:54

So there you have it. Total of 707 miles and almost 54 hours on a bike. The fastest speed was 32.8 MPH and the biggest single time distance is 51.16 miles. By my standards (they are pretty low ones) that’s not too shabby. Hopefully next year will be better and even more hopefully Alena will join in. Arosha will probably have to wait a year or two.
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Monday, May 31, 2010

May Cycling

HelmetHere is my May cycling report summed up in one word — pathetic. First we were on vacation, then I was sick, then we were shopping for furniture, then we were putting furniture together. You get the picture. Overall I managed to get out only 5 times during the whole month of May. Goes and hides in shame now.

Sasha and I did a pretty long loop throughout parts of Brooklyn, Rockaways and Queens though this time around — over 30 miles long, which makes it my longest ride yet.

DateTotal DistanceAverage SpeedOverall Time
5 days96.82max 15.807:18

However the weather wasn’t really cooperating this month — it was extremely windy very often. It’s not my favorite feeling when you’re going 20 MPH and then you’re standing still and feeling like you’re about to roll backwards. Today though was an exception. Even though the winds were pretty strong it felt really nice going against it — the day was very hot and wind would cool you down so quickly that I was almost feeling goose bumps and that seemed to give me more strength to go through it. I really enjoyed that for a change today.
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April Cycling

CyclingIf all goes as planned and we do go on our vacation this Saturday I’m not going to do any more cycling this month. Hence my mini report for this month. It certainly feels good to be riding again.

I use CatEye V3 to collect the following data — distance, average speed, average heart-rate, average cadence and maximum speed reached through out the ride.

At this point my average cadence has stayed pretty consistent which is 65-69 since the day I started recording it. My average heart-rate is at 150-164. The maximum speed that I was able to reach was 29.2 MPH, which I’m sure is pretty laughable by any standards, but it is what it is. And the more detailed break down follows:

DateTotal DistanceAverage SpeedOverall Time
10 days160.24max 15.213:21

I did put about 10 more miles on my parent’s fitness bike, but I’m not including those stats since it’s really hard to compare the machine to a real bike. I’m not really sure what’s harder to do.
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