Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our Weekend

Brooklyn Heights.We had such a wonderful weekend. The weather is getting better — it gets to high 60s during the day — so it’s a pleasure to be outside.

We spent almost four hours on a playground by our building on Friday morning. Aroshka played with his bff Evelina, and he was just so happy, so joyful, that it melted my heart. Evelina was acting strangely around him in the last few weeks — did not want to play with him and was saying that she was scared of him. I don’t know what was the cause of it, but when she changed her mind, he could not be more excited to be around her.

Testing out a bicycle.And in the evening, Aroshka, us and Alex went to Brooklyn Heights. Danya wanted to take a few pictures of the Freedom Tower, which is near its completion, before its ready. He and Alex went on the promenade, and Aroshka and I went to a small, but very cozy playground.

Manhattan skyline.Danya’s pictures did not come out well because of the haze and not ideal lighting conditions, but Aroshka had a lot of fun. There were a lot of toys, a big sandbox, a bicycle, and other new and exciting things. There were two benches colored like taxis, so he made up a whole story about us driving to the airport, flying to Dominican Republic, and then staying there in the hotel (the metal patch on the ground was our airplane, and the area adjacent to the slides was our hotel room).

Afterwards we ate at some diner, and went home.

In front of a brownstone.On Saturday Aroshka spent most of the day with his grandparents, while Danya and I took care of some chores and then had a dinner at Al Di La. We have not been to that restaurant in almost three years — there are always lines, and up until yesterday we did not want to waste time waiting. The food was nice (I ordered risotto as always), but it was quite noisy inside. We came back home just in time to put Aroshka to sleep. Even though he had a wonderful day with Danya’s parents, he still was just so happy to see us. You should have seen that big smile, and the way he ran to hug us. He told us that he missed us very much and that he loves us very much. He is just so sweet, and I just hope that he will always have such a pure heart.

Storming the fence.And today we went to another playground in the morning, and he played with his other friend Daniеlka for over an hour, and then Danya picked us and his dad up and we went to Bay Ridge (after washing our car — we wanted to show Aroshka machines that wash cars).

Smelling the flowers.First, we walked down the pier, where Danya took a few pictures of the Freedom Tower again (but it was super-hazy again). And then we went for a walk to a Narrows Botanical Garden which was just a few blocks away. There were a lot of blooming flowers, mostly tulips, in the garden, and Aroshka wanted to smell them all. He was like a little bee, sticking his nose in one flower after another. His face was covered in pollen afterwards. He also enjoyed just running around in the grass, especially up and down a little hill. We spent total of 4 hours outside today, and he got so tired by the time we got home, that he even refused to have lunch and went straight to bed.

Manhattan in haze.So this was our weekend. We are going to Linka’s Birthday party later today (after Arosha’s nap). I hope it’ll be fun too!
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

NYC Panorama

NYC Panorama wallpaper on dual monitors.I found a cool use for my 6,000 pixel wide panorama of New York City that I took several months ago. Looks awesome on dual monitors.

NYC panorama wallpaper for dual monitors.You can download a 3840×1080 version that will work perfectly on a pair of 1980×1080 monitors. I use Actual Dual Monitors tool to manage my dual montors and it lets me set a single wallpaper for both screens.

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