Sunday, November 2, 2014

Seven Lakes 2014

Arosha and Grandpa.Last week we went to Seven Lakes for a picnic and some pictures. T. Oksana did not feel well, so it was just us, kids and d. Borya.

Autumn.We got to the lakes relatively fast, although there was a little bit of traffic in Manhattan. Then by the lakes we lost about 25 minutes trying to find a place where we usually stop. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so we were happy to be closer to nature at last.

Colors.We had a small picnic pretty much right away — I took some boiled eggs, baked potatoes, bread, kolbasa, tomatoes, cucumbers and celery. We got a little cold while eating, but warmed up afterwards.

Throwing stones into the water.The autumn colors were past the peak, but the nature was still very pretty.

Washing shells in the lake.We went down to the water. Arosha and I were throwing stones of all sizes into the water, and Anюta tried to do the same without much success.

Anna with Dad.Arosha and d. Borya found some worms and other insects — both of them love exploring nature. They also found a woolly bear caterpillar, which Arosha really wanted to take home for observation. D. Borya said that the caterpillar was about to turn into pupa and encase itself into cocoon. Unfortunately, Arosha might have squeezed it a bit too hard while picking it up, so it did not survive the road to Brooklyn.

Lake Welch.They also saw some wild berberis, and Arosha really wanted to try some. We did not let him, but I had dried berberis at home, and he ate some and really liked it. It’s funny that he always wants to try everything he sees outside, and one of the first questions he asks when he sees things is whether they are edible or not.

Walking.Anechka also enjoyed our trip. I am so glad that we are able to get out of the city from time to time.

Autumn colors.We stopped at Red Bowl restaurant in Williamsburg on our way back. Haven’t been there in a while, so it was nice to chat with David and Vivian and to eat their delicious food. Danya went for Peking Duck as usual and I got steamed sea bass with tofu. Yum!
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Seven Lakes

Picnic table.Last week we had another great family outing. We went to Seven Lakes and the funny thing is that after coming back and checking in on our last year trip — we were at Seven Lakes during the same very weekend of the year.

The four of us.This trip was unique in a sense that all 6 of us went — Alёna, Anna, Arosha, my dad, my mom and I. We took our car and parents took theirs and just followed us and it worked well. This means that we can take more ambitious trips in this configuration.

Arosha and grandpa.It took us almost 3 hours to get to Seven Lakes because we got stuck in some major traffic in Manhattan. Arosha was starting to get restless, but Anna slept just fine.

The middle generation.She also slept well on her way back. She woke up at one point and started crying when we started crossing George Washington Bridge. By the time we were done she stopped crying and went back to her sleeping. She sleeps really well in the car. Even Arosha took a nap on the way back.

Closed gate at Lake Welch.At Seven Lakes we did the same thing we did last year. We drove up to Lake Welch Park that was closed just like last year. We left our cars near the gate and went inside. The autumn is really getting close to full “bloom” at this time of the year. The forest was beautiful.

Walnuts. "The squirrels will have to swim for these." The only mistake we made was overestimate the warmth of the day. My mom had a bunch of different things that we spread around. I ended up with a poncho made out of our picnic blanket. But since the park had tables we didn’t need it. Arosha picked out a table and we had a nice fresh air lunch.

Alëna.Arosha ran around and played with the leaves, explored all the bushes, threw some walnuts into the lake (for squirrels, naturally) and collected a bunch of acorns. When we got home we discovered a tick on his hair. Luckily it was not attached and was just stuck in his hair. That was a bit scary. Got to be careful with those bushes.

Drummer.Overall we had a really nice time. When we got back to our cars instead of just our cars there were total of 12 cars now. We weren’t really sure if it’s OK to leave our cars where we did, but I guess otherwise figured if somebody is doing it it must be OK. Alёna feed Anna and we started our drive home.

Acorns.On the way home we decided to stop by Red Bowl for a nice dinner. The owners — David and Vivian were really nice to us and congratulated us with our newest arrival. They also gave us a nice and unexpected gift — for luck they said. Dinner was great. The day as a whole was great. Too bad it’s getting cold out now, so we’ll probably have to stop soon.

Designer winter clothing line.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Seven Lakes

Autumn on Lake Kanawauke.Yesterday was yet another nice warm autumn day. Alёna, Arosha, my dad and I decided to use it wisely and ended up spending it in the area of Seven Lakes which is located not far north from New York. Even though it is only 60 miles away getting there is not easy as it is on the most opposite corner of New York City from us and we have to drive through it all. And driving through New York is never quick.

By Lake Welch.However it was worth it. The colorful autumn is in its peak. The drive along Palisades Parkway is beautiful. The road is tightly hugged by forest on the both sides and on a sunny day it’s all painted in bright reds, yellows, orange and everything in between. Seven Lakes area itself was beautiful as well — colorful trees reflecting in the water.

Alёna and Arosha.Arosha had a great time running through the dried autumn leaves on the ground, but the best part was the discovery of recently used char coals in somebody’s fire pit. He would throw the leaves into it and the fire would pick up and Arosha would look at it, smile, add more leaves and so on. I think he spent at least 30 minutes doing that and was totally fascinated by the whole process.

Lake Welch.I took the chance to capture some of the colors on “film”. I tried taking a number of long exposure shots, but ended up disliking all of them in the end — too much detail gone. I’m attaching my favorite non-long-exposure shots of the bunch to this post. All of these were taken on my wide-angle lens at 16mm.
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