Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fire Island Outing

Lighthouse against some funky clouds.Last weekend was quite active for us. Besides going to Bayswater Point State Park we decided to take full advantage of warmer days and on Sunday went to Fire Island National Seashore again.

Beautiful Fire Island Lighthouse.We even managed to talk my mom into going with us — to our surprise it was her first time there. Only took her 19 or so years. So there was a total of seven of us there and two cars.

Grandmas. Grandpa and Arosha on the left.Even though the day was warmer relative to other days it still was a cold February day. Especially when you’re walking along an open shore of Atlantic Ocean. The sky was very blue and thus uplifting, but the wind was cold.

More of the family.I had to borrow the hood from Alёna’s jacket because I as always misjudged the weather. As did my dad. That seems to be the trait of our male side of the family. Since Arosha doesn’t make these decisions for himself yet he was well dressed.

Shore of open Atlantic Ocean.Fire Island National Seashore is probably one of the nicest “nature” locations that is within an easy reach from us. If traffic conditions cooperate it takes us under an hour to get there.

Wooden trail at Fire Island National Seashore.After having a nice jog we finished off the evening with a family dinner at some random Outback Steakhouse that we found on our way home.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Company Outing

John's house.Several weeks ago John has invited our whole Connecticut office over to his house for a company outing. Instead of taking my usual digital camera with me I decided to continue my film experiments and grabbed my dad’s old soviet made Zenit camera loaded with color film obtained at a local pharmacy.

View from the porch.I had the film processed at this point and I picked out a couple of decent shots out of the batch of 48 to post. I used The Darkroom for film development again. So the camera and film combination gave me nice soft focus, good looking bokeh and pleasant film grain.

Lake.I still had to pull out some color curves in post to get a more retro feel to the whole shoot. I don’t think I’ll be trying more color film at this point. If I ever have an urge to do more film photography I’ll stick to Black & White.

Kate and John.
Jen & Christina.
Erin, Deanna and Tom.
Guan & Andrew.
Game of cornhole.
Ingrid and Kate.
John on the lake.

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