Friday, July 26, 2013

Arosha’s Room

Arosha's new room.When Arosha was one year and three months old we discovered a secret to him sleeping through the night — we stopped sleeping in our bed in the same room with him and moved onto a futon in our office. Eventually we replaced the futon with a queen sized mattress that we borrowed from our bed and so we lived. Until last Saturday.

Another wall.Two weeks before Arosha’s 3rd birthday he finally gets his own room. We ordered a custom cut carpet with a pattern and a padding to go under it. We also ordered a custom built bed for his room. Most beds just wouldn’t fit into the space that we wanted to put it in, but in the end we found a store that did it exactly to our dimensions with Arosha’s favorite colors.

Tree right after the completion.We also moved two paintings into his room that he likes — one is a print that I won on a cruise another is an actual original painting by a successful artist who my dad is friends with painted specifically for Arosha. Originally we were thinking to get some kind of wallpaper for the room, but later on gave up on the idea and decided to go with cool looking decals instead. I think it came out looking really nice.

Almost ready state.We plan to replace the ceiling lamp, probably will add some curtains and a couple of other things later on. In a year or year and a half Arosha’s sister will join him in this new kids’ room of ours. As for us — we moved back onto our own bed and my office desk had to move to our living room. Huge huge thanks to Misha and Lenny for basically doing the whole move for us. Took them five hours of hard work.
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