Sunday, July 10, 2016

Marine Park Fun

Our rental surrey.Yesterday in the second half of the day we decided to change the scenery and go for a walk to something other than our own playground. The closest and the nicest place within a 10 minute drive away from us is Marine Park with it’s nice trail trough the salt marsh.

Helmets were mandatory.But when we arrived to the park we saw a tent setup where one could rent bikes, kayaks or surreys. We opted in for a small surrey which would fit all four of us. Anюta wasn’t quite sure about the whole proposition — until we started pedaling that is.

And Aaron in his helmet.She was sitting upfront and she just started laughing and laughing. Arosha initially started wanting to pedal, but when I realized that it’s not all that easy to drive all this by myself I had to enlist Alёna’s help and Arosha decided that he wanted to ride up front as well.

Mulberry picking.We passed by a bunch of mulberry tries Arosha talked us into stopping by one. He is a big expert in mulberry picking — there is one tree in our schoolyard, but I think him and his friends picked it clean by now. Yes, there is a lot of tree climbing involved and it’s clean from top to bottom.

More picking.After we turned our bike in we took a short hike through the marsh and we saw a heron hunting. At first it was just standing there. But then suddenly the head flies into the water and comes out with a frog. Twice it did it and the second frog was even bigger than the first one. I really regretted not having my super-zoom lens with me.

Observing a heron.And we finished the evening off with a family dinner in our favorite Indian restaurant in Bay Ridge. We ordered about 5 different dishes and I’m proud to say that even though Arosha did not like all of them he was willing to give each one a try. Overall kids did eat really well and that always makes the parents happy.

Heron hunting.
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Shublik Videos

Here’s are 3 shorts clips with Shublik being Shublik, that I promised to post earlier this week.

Here he’s playing with a birthday balloon. First couple of days he was terrified of it and would hide at a first sight of the balloon. He kept trying to attack the thread, the balloon would get pulled down, bounce back up and make a sound hitting the ceiling. He eventually got used to it and kept running around the apartment with a thread in his teeth. One day we found the balloon stuck under our bed. How? I don’t know.

Normal cats are usually pretty afraid of the vacuum cleaners. This one is always trying to attack ours. He doesn’t mind being vacuumed either.

And this is just Shublik running after his favorite toy — a feather, or rather what’s left of it. He finds it more fun to rip the feather out and run after a little red thing that’s left — I guess it’s more challenging that way. Feather is too big and too easy to catch.
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