Thursday, August 1, 2013

Company Outing

John's house.Several weeks ago John has invited our whole Connecticut office over to his house for a company outing. Instead of taking my usual digital camera with me I decided to continue my film experiments and grabbed my dad’s old soviet made Zenit camera loaded with color film obtained at a local pharmacy.

View from the porch.I had the film processed at this point and I picked out a couple of decent shots out of the batch of 48 to post. I used The Darkroom for film development again. So the camera and film combination gave me nice soft focus, good looking bokeh and pleasant film grain.

Lake.I still had to pull out some color curves in post to get a more retro feel to the whole shoot. I don’t think I’ll be trying more color film at this point. If I ever have an urge to do more film photography I’ll stick to Black & White.

Kate and John.
Jen & Christina.
Erin, Deanna and Tom.
Guan & Andrew.
Game of cornhole.
Ingrid and Kate.
John on the lake.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Geoff and Sarah

Guys playing table tennis in the backyard.Our barbeque roll continued yesterday in Geoff’s and Sarah’s house. They recently moved to a new place in Norwalk, and they invited the 3 of us, Alex, Misha and Alexey over.

It was raining in the morning, but we’ve decided to go regardless. I actually think that we got lucky with the weather — it was drizzling from time to time throughout the day, but the rain was never strong enough to keep us from staying out on the patio. If the weather was hot and sunny, Aroshka would have to be indoors most of the time due to his extreme light sensitivity.

Backyard from the porch.Geoff’s and Sarah’s new residence is really nice — the house is big, but not overwhelmingly so (which is a good thing for a small family). There is also a pretty sizable back yard, which is great considering that they have a playful 1.5 years old golden retriever named Koufey (her full name is Koufax in honor of one Jewesh baseball pitcher).

I enjoyed our visit. I haven’t seen our hosts for a number of years, and it was nice meet them again. Geoff grilled delicious burgers and corn, and Sarah prepared cheese and fruit platters. All of us (except for Arosha and Koufey obviously) drank some beer. We brought a case of Franziskaner Hefe-Weisse and some other fancy beer with us — I kind of got used to the good stuff (not that we drink much), so regular grocery store brands taste too bland now. Aroshka got fascinated with beer bottles — he kept gnawing on the spout and putting his little fingers in. So little is needed to make him happy!

Arosha and Kofi at Geoff and Sarah's house.He also really like climbing up and down the stairs in the back yard. Despite the drizzle it was warm, so I took his socks and pants off and he got his cute little feet all dirty. He also had a chance to interact with a dog at such a close distance for the first time in his life. He was pretty cautious, but I could definitely detect some interest on his side, especially when Koufey was playing fetch with us. Koufey also was exposed to such a little human for the first time in her life, and she decided to be on a side of caution as well. She approached him a few times, but preferred to mostly stay out of his reach. I think if they lived in the same household, they would have become friends pretty fast.

—Arosha, you're going to have to drink some beer! —No! I refuse!I might have missed on some conversations and activities (like playing ping-pong or video games) while taking care of Aroshka, but I had a great day nonetheless. Thank you, Geoff and Sarah for having us!

On our way back, we stopped at Danya’s new office. It is really nice — much more impressive than the old place. Reminded me of the place I used to work in, although my cubicle was far smaller and less private than Danya’s office room. I still have a lot of anxiety thinking about finding a new job when Aroshka is ready for the day care, but this is a topic for another discussion. )

Geoff's grill.
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