Friday, August 7, 2015

Bicycle Riding

Arosha riding his bicycle.A couple of months ago we finally bought Arosha a bicycle. We kept meaning to buy it for each of his birthdays for several years now, but every time we would go to Toys ‘R’ Us to try one Arosha kept having a hard time figuring out pedals. However in the beginning of this summer we noticed that he pulled out some old tricycle that my parents had and had no issues with pedaling.

So we went to a local cycling shop — the place where we bought our own bicycles and picked him out the biggest kid bike that he felt comfortable on — Specialized Hotrock 20. Obviously we had the shop install training wheels since Arosha has never ridden a bike.

Training wheels make riding very clumsy. Arosha got a hang of it and was having a bunch of fun. Two days ago though we were watch Shark Tank TV show and saw somebody present a little bike for little kids with no pedals at all. Little kids start with that and they learn to hold balance. We got inspired by that and took off training wheels off Arosha’s bike.

We went outside and I ran with him around the field for about 15 minutes for him to try to hold balance. I was holding him by his shoulder and he was pretty wobbly. Eventually I just ran out of breath and had to take a break. I told him to just try to push himself off with one foot while pushing on the pedal with another. He looked like a fish out of water. Falling, unable to even hold bike steady while standing still.

I thought that he will just give up and we’ll have to put training wheels back on. But he kept trying and trying and trying. In another 15 minutes he managed to actually launch himself, put both feet on the pedals and started going. Just going by himself. I was amazed. He kept circling around the field with zero support from us. My eyes started to tear up — I was so proud.

He spent the rest of the evening stopping, launching himself and riding around. He still needs quite a bit of practice, but he totally figured it out. What a present he gave to himself 2 days before his 5th birthday. I still can’t believe he figured it out in under 30 minutes. He kept riding up to me and asking — “You can’t believe your eyes, right?”
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