Friday, September 15, 2017

iPhone X Keynote

Straight out of camera photo taken with iPhone 7 Plus by Maruk.A couple of thoughts with regards to Apple’s latest event where iPhone X was announced among other things. A little bit on each topic of any interest to me.

Apple TV

Apple TV is getting upgraded to support 4K video. And even though we ended up with a 4K TV a while ago we already have a 4th generation Apple TV — previous one — and it already runs tvOS. So we have no plans to upgrade. The quality is plenty good for us.

The good news is that Apple said that all the HD content that you have purchased through iTunes will be upgraded to 4K for free. And we do have quite a bit of movies purchased. That’s nice to have for the time when we do upgrade to 4K. Haven’t touched our blu-ray or DVD content in ages — all that feels so dated.

Apple Watch

Apple has announced a 3rd generation of Apple Watch which has an option for an LTE chip. I currently wear 2nd generation and it serves my needs just fine. On-board LTE also cost an additional $10 per month from our carrier — AT&T. Really have no need to pay anything extra to AT&T. No upgrade.

The Phones

This is the most interesting category. I will preface this by saying that I take an enormous amount of photographs with my phone. My current Instagram library contains 2,245 pictures and that is curated content only. Camera is one of the most important features of my phone. Continue Reading

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Compulsory TV Upgrade

New TV. Samsung UN50JU7100.Unexpectedly for us we had to upgrade our TV. The whole thing started somewhere in the middle of August when our daughter decided that our TV needed some cleaning. With the use of a glass of water and her toothbrush she managed to do a pretty thorough job by the time we noticed it.

At first a thick vertical gray line appeared. Then everything got covered by fog. Then lines started to spread. And eventually in a course of a couple of days the whole screen turned to pretty colorful lines and nothing else was coming through. Our 46″ Samsung TV that we bought at the end of 2009 was done.

Our new TV.After doing a bit of research I decided to settle on 50″ Samsung JU7100 — 4K TV. Another choice was Vizio M series, but the best screens are used on 55″ and bigger units and 50″ was the biggest we could fit. But on both Wirecutter and CNET Samsung came highly recommended.

Over the last six years the UI of Samsung has improved significantly. Everything is fast and responsive. The old was completely useless. Although we still watch most of our content through Apple TV which is also about to get significantly updated by Apple. We’ll probably upgrade it eventually as well. We bought our TV at P.C. Richard & Son where we got a good deal on it, as always.

TV remote with Wii-like controller behavior.

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