Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Rock

New York from the top.The past weekend was the last one for Alёna’s mom’s current stay with us. Because of the bad weather we didn’t really get out much this time around, so we decided to do something interesting for her on this last weekend. My mom agreed to take the kids for the day so we had it easy.

Alёna with her mom.We picked the observation deck at the top of Rockefeller Center as our destination. Alёna’s mom haven’t been to the top of any skyscrapers, so we figured this should be memorable. Rockefeller Center observation deck is my favorite location in the city as you can see a lot of famous landmarks around — Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, World Trade Center, Central Park and numerous bridges.

Central Park. Fisheye.We spent a while looking for parking, but there was no line to the top. As far as I can tell Alёna’s mom loved it. We couldn’t actually get her to leave for some time. She would go from side to side, trying to take in the views. I think it was a success. Once we got down we visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral that was right across the street.

Alёna and Daniеl.After that we took her to our favorite Brazilian Steakhouse — Churrascaria Plataforma. Even though she is not a huge meat fan I thought she would like the experience. Open salad bar and then an endless stream of different varieties of beef, lamb, pork and chicken that waiters keep bringing to your table until you turn the green button given to you to red. Alёna and her mom didn’t eat quite as much as I did, but mom definitely liked it.

Self again.And that was a full day. I got some decent pictures, she got good memories. It’s really sad that she’s leaving tomorrow already.

New York through fisheye.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Mom Leaving

Alёna's mom at the airport.Today my mom is flying back to Belarus. She stayed a little over two months this time, and it was so nice to be around her again and just to catch a break with all the work around the house.

It will be tough for me to get back into the routine again (shopping and cooking seem especially challenging for me now), and I will miss her company. I know she will miss us too, especially Anechka and Aroshka. I hope to see her again sooner rather than later. Coming to Belarus is complicated for us, although it will probably be nice. I guess, time will show who will visit whom.

Anechka got sick yesterday. She has a fever and no other symptoms for now. I hope she’ll get well soon, so we would not have to cancel our upcoming trip. I know Anechka will miss her grandma. They had such a nice relationship. Too bad the little one will forget all about it in time. Arosha is upset that she is leaving too. Even though my mom tried to impose some discipline on him, he loves her and accepted her as a member of the family right away. He cried at the airport when she was leaving.

Last security point.Arosha went for his first dentist visit yesterday. We did not go to a specialized pediatric dentist, but to our new doctor, who said that he treats children as well. Arosha did very well. He was calm and was doing exactly what the doctor was asking. Arosha had no cavities, but the doctor recommended to do a light cleaning for some build up which he had (probably from all the tea Arosha is drinking). We will go for another check up in about 6 months.

It is still cold outside. They predicted snow today, but luckily it’s just cold and windy, no snow. It should get warmer by the weekend, and hopefully the temperature will not drop to below zero anymore.

I feel sad. Time just flew by so quickly. I am putting her things, like cup and slippers, away and I can’t stop crying. I keep reminding myself that I’ll talk to her soon and will most likely see her in the future, but it’s still hard. Mom is mom and she will always have that special place in her child’s heart. I love you , mom!
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Sunday, March 16, 2014

Family Photograph

Family photograph. Our favorite shot.Today we took up a monumental task of getting a nice family photographs of ourselves to print out for Alёna’s mom and for ourselves as a bonus. We all got dressed, I setup the lights and demonstrated to Alёna’s mom how to operate the camera.

Second favorite.The hardest part by far is to get the kids to do the right thing. When one is looking into the camera another one is yawning. When another one is looking into the camera the other one is talking or making faces. Alёna and I did our best not to screw up the photo because it was hard enough, but we still do blink.

Third. I'm seriously considering trimming my beard.All in all we took over 250 raw photos. No exaggeration. Multiple sets, multiple tries, changes of positions, light setup adjustments, candy bribes. But after several hours we did manage to produce a couple of worthy print candidates. Three best ones are above.

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge Walk

On Brooklyn Bridge.This March is pretty cold. The weather is usually below zero degrees Celsius with a few exceptions.

Today is one of the rare warm days — it got up to 12° C, or at least that’s what the weather app was claiming. Danya suggested to go for a walk at Brooklyn Bridge and we all agreed that that’s a great idea.

Onto the bridge.We left home at around 11 and it took us about 35 minutes to get to the bridge. We got lucky with parking — did not have to look for it at all. It was pretty windy, but still nice.

Units.We walked on the bridge for a bit. There were a lot of people — pedestrians and bicyclists alike. We almost got to the first column, but the wind got very strong and Arosha got very scared. He started crying, hugging my legs and saying that he is afraid to be blown away by the wind. I figured that there was no point to force him to go any further, and him, I and Anюtka headed back. Danya and my mom made it to the first column and headed back as well. Anюtka was not sleeping by the way. She was kind of sitting in a stroller and was looking at all the beauty and motion around.

Tourising. Alёna's mom.After that I fed her in the car and we went to a pier. The view from there is just magnificent! Arosha was not behaving too well, but after a talk with his dad he started to listen to us more.

Pier under the bridge.We then went to eat some pizza at Juliana’s pizzeria. There was a line there, but it was not excessively long. Danya and Arosha went there first, while me, my mom and Anюtka stayed on the pier to enjoy the views some more.

View from the pier.We got a buffalo mozzarella Margherita pizza, which was really good. Anюta, who woke up from her nap as soon as we got inside, behaved really well. She was just sitting on my lap, and looking, and smiling, and when she wanted to try something too, so I let her chew on some pizza crust. She managed to chew off a few small pieces, but she spat them right out.

Juliana's Pizza. Our turn's next.After lunch we went back to the pier. There was the Brooklyn ice-creamery, so we figured, why not! Arosha got a peach ice-cream, Danya — a strawberry one, my mom — a chocolate one and I got a butter pecan one. It was really good too! My only fear is that Anюtka’s eczema will get worse after my food indulgences. She has a pretty bad case of it going on her face and I think that my diet has some effect on it. We’ll see…

Locks as lucky charms.When we were walking around Dumbo, I felt for a brief moment, as if we were tourists in a new and exciting place. Danya said that he had the same feeling and even went to look at the map of New York Water Taxi routes.

Arosha.I am glad that my mom was with us too. She mostly stayed home with me and did not see much of the great places that NYC has to offer, so each occasion like today really stands out for her. She’ll be leaving in just 11 short days. I hope she’ll go visit a Statue of Liberty with Danya’s dad before she leaves as they planned to.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fire Island Outing

Lighthouse against some funky clouds.Last weekend was quite active for us. Besides going to Bayswater Point State Park we decided to take full advantage of warmer days and on Sunday went to Fire Island National Seashore again.

Beautiful Fire Island Lighthouse.We even managed to talk my mom into going with us — to our surprise it was her first time there. Only took her 19 or so years. So there was a total of seven of us there and two cars.

Grandmas. Grandpa and Arosha on the left.Even though the day was warmer relative to other days it still was a cold February day. Especially when you’re walking along an open shore of Atlantic Ocean. The sky was very blue and thus uplifting, but the wind was cold.

More of the family.I had to borrow the hood from Alёna’s jacket because I as always misjudged the weather. As did my dad. That seems to be the trait of our male side of the family. Since Arosha doesn’t make these decisions for himself yet he was well dressed.

Shore of open Atlantic Ocean.Fire Island National Seashore is probably one of the nicest “nature” locations that is within an easy reach from us. If traffic conditions cooperate it takes us under an hour to get there.

Wooden trail at Fire Island National Seashore.After having a nice jog we finished off the evening with a family dinner at some random Outback Steakhouse that we found on our way home.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Lives Recently

Анюта.Вот уже и январь подходит к концу. Практически весь месяц мы проболели. Сначала Ароша — с жутким насморком, высокой температурой 4 дня подряд, двусторонним отитом и кашлем. Потом Анюта — она заболела бронхиалитом, который продолжался 3 недели. Как мы ни старались их изолировать, болезни малышке избежать не удалось. Я до сих пор не выхожу с Анечкой на улицу. Ароше повезло — приехала моя мама, и она с ним каждый день гуляет. До приезда мамы пару дней с ним на улицу выходил дедушка. Потом немного приболела я, но, к счастью, без температуры и особых осложнений.

Небулайзер.Мама прилетела 15 января. В этот раз она летела аэрофлотом, на самолёте было много русскоговорящих и перелёт у неё прошел в интересной компании. Вообще она как-то меньше волновалась на этот раз — ко всему привыкаешь. Ароша встретил её очень хорошо. Как-то сразу отнёсся как к своей, что меня очень радует.

Fresh haircut.Вообще хорошо когда мама рядом — и помощь, и веселее. Сегодня она отпустила меня в парикмахерскую, и я наконец-то привела голову в порядок. Последний раз я туда ходила больше года назад! Ароша поначалу расстраивался, что я иду красить волосы, но когда я вернулась, одобрил прицёску. Поближе к вечеру он спросил, высохла ли краска на моей голове.

Учимся переворачиваться.Мы пытаемся получить для Анечки государственную програму раннего вмешательства. Её могут получить детки до 3-х лет если у них есть определённые отставания в физическом либо психическом развитии. Дело в том, что из-за того, как она лежала в утробе, у неё зажаты некоторые мышцы. Всё не так плохо, но, например, во время сна она поворачивает голову исключительно вправо, и от этого у неё начинает немного деформироваться череп. Всё это поправимо, но надо делать массаж и упраженения на растяжку. Пока к нам приходили две женщины её осмотреть — с психическим развитием всё прекрасно, а инспектор по физическому развитию будет давать рекомендацию на то, чтобы ей дали эту програму. Посмотрим, что получится.

Хорошее настроение.А вообще мне очень нравится её характер. Она так много улыбается, любит общение. Иногда она очень забавно морщит нос при улыбке, и мама сказала, что я в младенчестве делала тоже самое.

Вчера Ароша и Анюта остались ненадолго в комнате одни, и когда я пришла, то услышала, как Ароша ей тихонько говорил:
– Анюта, ты у нас такая красивая.

Ароша. Bayswater Park. End of 2013.Еще Анюта очень любит играть со своими ногами. На прошлой неделе она поняла, что их можно засунуть в рот. Еще она два раза перевернулась с живота на спину, но мне кажется, что пока что это была случайность.

Мега-колоски.Эта зима у нас очень холодная. Температура доходит до -17 по Цельсию. Я изредко выбираюсь в магазин, а так сижу дома, потому что боюсь выходить с Анюткой после болезни (она до сих пор иногда кашляет и немного сопливит). 27-го мы пойдём к врачу на прививки и я спрошу можно ли нам гулять и при какой температуре воздуха. Вобщем, в прошлый раз мама попала на снегопады, а этот раз — на холода.
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Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Mall

Yesterday I took Alёna and her mom to Kings Plaza mall so they could shop for gifts to bring back to Minsk. Not the funnest exercise for most men and I wasn’t an exception. I however grabbed my camera with me and was wondering around, taking pictures of all kinds of things before security guard told me that I was acting against their policy and he would kick me out if I wouldn’t stop.

Window shopping.
Christmas Tree.
Candy stand.
Christmas tree.
I did choose to stop because at this time it was REALLY snowing outside. First big snow of this winter. Right now all cars are buried up to their windows and everyone is working from home. Later today I have to go and dig-up the car. Didn’t really get any great snow storm shots either.

Snow on the water.
Snow storm.
The morning after.

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