Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Film Photography

Soviet made Zenit-E SLR camera.As I have mentioned in some other posts I decide to try some film photography. I don’t think that it’s anything more than an experiment. I just want to try. All this vintage feel to it attracts me for some reason. The days before everything got consumed by plastic.

Ilford HP5 Plus 35mm black & white film.The camera that I’m going to try first is soviet made Zenit-E. It belongs to my dad and I remember it very well from my childhood. Not only the lens focusing is manual, so is the metering. This one has a guide of a kind. It measures light with a built in light sensor on top of the lens and a small wire moves around in a window. You use that to manually calculate the right exposure.

Soviet made Zenit-E SLR camera.I bought 2 rolls of Ilford HP5+ black & white 35mm film. I loaded up one of them into the camera and I’m ready to shoot. There is a pretty big chance that I’m going to end up with 36 blurry photographs that were not exposed right, but that’s what the experiments are for.

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