«Check Split — iPhone App»

Available on iPhone. AppStore.


CheckSplit is a simple iPhone app that will split the check between you and a group of friends in as few steps as possible.


The difference between CheckSplit and all other tip calculators is a major one — CheckSplit lets you split the check based on the amount of food and drinks each person ordered.

What is the purpose of having a check splitter that will take the balance and dividing it by the number of people? Any calculator can do that.


To see how CheckSplit works and what it does please view the screencast. It should give you a good idea of the app functionality and will let you decide if it will work for you.


CheckSplit is available in the AppStore.


Input check.Check summary.Items on the check.Set tip & tax.Check split. Full.Amounts to be charged.


For any questions or feedback write to support-checksplit@rubinary.com.