Friday, July 19, 2019

Anna’s First Tooth

Anna's first tooth.A couple of days ago, on July 16th, Anna has finally lost her first tooth. It was barely hanging by in her month for the past two days, but she was too afraid to pull it out. On the last day she allowed Alёna to try to tie a thread to it, but the thread kept sliding off.

In the evening, when I came home from work, she allowed me to try the same. Eventually I thought I got a good knot on and pulled the thread suddenly. The tooth fell out. She had a strange reaction. She kept going into laughter and then tears and then laughter and then tears in 3 second intervals. But she was mostly happy.

For the night she put her first tooth under her pillow. Tooth fairly exchanged it for $20 — first teeth are expensive. Anna however thought that it was a pretty bad deal and she’d rather have her tooth.
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