Monday, February 20, 2017

Costa Rica

Costa Rica.At the very end of 2016 we have booked our next vacation. We as a whole family — kids, us and my parents — are going to Costa Rica in the beginning of April. Again. We have been to Costa Rica before — in 2013. Arosha was two and a half years old and only remembers anything from the pictures we showed him. Anюta has technically been to Costa Rica too, but I doubt she remembers much considering she was inside of Alёna’s belly.

Last time we stayed in Hilton Papagayo Resort which was less than stellar — one of those rare cases when Hilton actually disappointed us. And this time around it simply doesn’t exist anymore — has been sold off to some other company. We haven’t done many all-inclusive vacations, but the one that stands out the most was in Mexico when we stayed in Riu Palace. So we opted in to stay at Riu Palace Costa Rica.

Even though originally my parents were planning to go to Dominican Republic and even had the vacation reserved they made adjustments — luckily without incurring extra-costs — to go with us to Costa Rica. It’s always better to travel with family and the deal was pretty good to begin with.

Originally we planned to go on Arosha’s spring break, but the cost of this trip was coming out to $9,000 which is simply unaffordable. We are going a week before — yes, he’ll have to miss some school — which is costing us $4,605 and $300 in travel insurance — for the same exact trip. A week before that week was clocking in at around $7,000. So you see what I mean by it being a good deal.

We are planning to rent a car this time around as well, as we did last time. Probably a mini-van to fit all of us. We are definitely going to give Arenal Volcano another go and hopefully it will not be fully covered in fog this time, so we can catch a glimpse of it. We haven’t made up any other plans yet. Hopefully it’s going to be yet another great trip for our memories and experiences collection.

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