Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kindergarten Stepping Up

Today was Arosha’s graduation ceremony. This year it was not just me, but also Danya’s parents and Anюta, who attended. Danya would have loved going too, but he had to drive to work today on account of interviewing a potential candidate for their company.

I enjoyed the ceremony this year again. They had it together with another kindergarten class at 10:30, while the other 4 classed had it earlier on the same day. Our class sang 2 songs by themselves, and one song together with the other kindergarten class. It was really nice. I could not hear Arosha’s voice in the choir as I did last year, but I definitely saw that he was participating. I knew the repertoire in advance, since he sang the songs at home from time to time.

After graduation ceremony.They also got their diplomas on stage. Everything was very festive and a lot of parents and grandparents came to cheer up, support and be proud of their little ones.

Afterwards, Arosha’s teacher, Mrs. Piazza, invited the parents to the classroom. She made her own diplomas for each student and said a few kind words about each one of them. It was very nice and moving. She also made her own montage of the class pictures that she’s been taking throughout the year (in addition to the one that school prepared for all classes combined), which just shows again how much she cares. She is relocating to another state, and it is sad to see her go, since I was hoping to get her for Anюta in a few years. Arosha really liked Mrs. Piazza, which was so important for his overall happiness!

Kindergarten teacher.There are still 3 days left of school, and then summer break starts! I can’t wait to be honest. Even though Arosha had no homework for the last three weeks, it’ll be nice to be on our own schedule. Although, I do realize, it’ll be somewhat harder for me to handle both children all day.

I hope that next school year will be as good as this one was! Or better — there is no limit to perfection!

Arosha's class.
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