Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Family Portrait

Family portrait 2016.For the past two years we’ve started taking now yearly family portrait. Even though we do something similar every New Year it’s becoming a nice tradition to do one of these a year somewhere in between. Taking advantage of this past long weekend we decided to continue this trend and enlisted my dad to help with the shoot.

Family portrait.This year it only took us 182 ) shots to end up with a couple of decent versions. Arosha was much better this year and was able to just sit there and smile into the camera. Anюta though is nowhere near ready yet. All those tries that we had to take were caused by her. Eventually we managed to bribe her into a tiny bit (not more) of cooperation with a candy.

Family portrait 2015.The last one is from last year which we never posted on the blog it seems. Either that or I can’t find it. Now we can’t make up our minds which one of the two new ones to print out and frame.
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