Saturday, May 2, 2015

Heroic Blackrock Mountain

Heroic Blackrock Mountain cleared.This past Thursday the last wing of Blackrock Mountain has been opened. The bosses on normal difficulty are quite easy to beat. It would typically take me one try. Normal difficulty Nefarian took 3 tries, because the mechanic was not fully clear at first.

Bosses on the heroic difficulty are extremely hard for the most part. Not only does it take multiple tries to tweak the deck, but the luck of the draw plays a big factor too. The deck building for these bosses was the most interesting part for me. Actually figuring out what the weakness of each boss is to exploit it.

Special card back reward for clearing Heroic Blackrock Mountain.The only deck that I wasn’t able to figure out on my own was General Drakkisath, where all cards cost 1 mana, you are capped at 1 and he is at 2. Another super hard one was Dark Iron Arena which I won purely by a lucky Unstable Portal into Lord Jaraxxus.

The bonus for beating all heroic bosses is a special card back — so it’s purely cosmetic. Making everyone beat some of these close to impossible bosses for actual cards would not be in the spirit of Hearthstone, where anyone can be successful without spending a cent of actual money. My previous favorite card back was the one I got for clearing Heroic Naxxramas. Now I’m sticking with this new one.

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