Monday, April 13, 2015

Gifted and Talented

Our son.While we were on our great vacation in Mexico we got a great piece of news via email. Back in January Arosha has taken a test administered by the Board of Education of NYC for Gifted and Talented program. I worried for how he was going to do, but we were hoping that he would get over 90 to get admitted into this program. Alёna ordered several books to work on logic and Arosha seemed to enjoy going through them quite a bit. He found solving puzzles fun.

Solving puzzles.We were very very happy to find out that he scored 97 out of 99 possible points, meaning that he did better than 97% of other kids. He got a perfect 99 on the logic part, but lost a couple of points on the verbal part. His attention sometimes wonders and the examinator is not allowed to repeat the question. Kids have to catch the question on the first try. He still did very well on it too. Needless to say we’re extremely proud of him. Now he has a choice of many schools in the city, but we’re probably going to pick our local school as our top choice.

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