Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Blizzard 2015

Kids in snow.Several days ago we had a bit of snow on the ground. The weather was getting warm, so the snow was very sticky. We tried making a snowman and it was working very well. I showed Arosha how to start rolling a snowball and he managed to make a huge one all by himself. He wanted to make a snowman for a long while, but we never had the right kind of snow. So we was very excited when he was able to build his own snowman for the first time.

First ever snowman for our kids.Then yesterday we got hit by the first real snow storm for the first time this year. Today is even worse. All the roads got closed. We got an alert message saying that no cars are allowed on the street after 11PM. All the major highways got closed. Schools are closed. Everything has come to a halt. I’ve actually never seen any road closures before.

Arosha.Yesterday we went for a short walk and I made several photographs of kids playing in the snow. They love it. Even if they are freezing they don’t want to go home. They were actually the only kids on the playground.

Anюta.Today we were supposed to get the bulk of the snow, but according to the news it seems that it mostly missed New York City — although we still got a good amount of snow, and it all went towards Boston. I also parked my car on the alternative side of the street, so hopefully it shouldn’t be buried by snowplows.

Streets of Brooklyn.
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