Sunday, September 28, 2014

Family Photoshoot

Happy birthday, little sister!Yesterday we decided that it would be a good day to try to take some family photographs.

All of us.The weather was summer-like and our Anna has turned 1 year old. I often can’t think of good location for such a thing, but yesterday I suddenly had an epiphany. Brooklyn Heights with all the brownstone houses and their old stairs would be perfect.

Arosha being Arosha.So we set out to go there and take some photographs. At about that moment Alex called me and said that he was in Brooklyn and wanted to hang out.

Kids and I.We thought that we could do two things at once — spend time with a friend who we don’t see too often these days and he could help us take pictures of all four of us.

Анютка.All in all we spent about two hours walking around and taking pictures. Arosha didn’t go by a single staircase without climbing all the way up and asking for a photograph.

Yet another staircase.Anюta would walk around and try to climb stairs as well. So far she does it on all fours, but nevertheless she is quite proficient at that too.

Little walker.We ended up with a good number of really nice portraits. Brooklyn Heights is a perfect location for such occasions.

Our new header photo. Shows up at random.
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