Wednesday, April 23, 2014

First Trip

Анюта.We’re getting ready for our first road trip with kids and without Danya’s parents. A bit scary, but still exciting!

I’ve been packing bags pretty much all day long — luckily Arosha was occupied. First, he went to the beach with his grandpa, and then he went to the barber and then a car wash with his dad. I only had to care for Anya. She is in a pretty good mood today, since her eczema is a little better.

Ароша.I followed the advise of my friend Volha, whose younger daughter also gets eczema in the diaper area, and just put her into Arosha’s old (barely worn) cotton panties. She used to be bare, but now that she is kind of mobile, I can’t always assure that she won’t be on a not 100% clean carpet with her bare lady parts. So far I really like using the panties. I put her on the potties every hour or so, and oftentimes she goes.

She also sprouted two teeth in the last few days!
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