Thursday, April 3, 2014

Photo Prints

Decorated office.Today I finally remembered to bring in a real (non-iPhone) camera into the office and take some photographs of photographs. Yes. The end results of all my prints hanging on the walls.

Canvas prints.There are 20×30 canvas prints that I’ve done a while ago (at Costco). I keep thinking of adding one more cityscape to this collection. At this point my main candidate is Seattle Skyline.

Standouts.There are 8×12 standout prints (along with non mounted 8×12 prints on the desk) that add some nice color and were very easy to line up and hang because of their precise mounting holes on the back.

Black & white framed prints.And there are 16×20 black & white framed prints (the print itself is 8×12). These were a real pain to line up correctly because the hanging cord on the back is attached by hand which results in different, uneven lengths. But once done correctly the also do look great.
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