Friday, March 28, 2014

Black & White Prints

A set of three black & white prints.I’ve ordered1 and received another set of prints. This time it’s a black & white set of three photographs. Each print has a two inch white mat and a two inch simple black frame, adding four inches to the final size2 of the print on each side. The prints are under glass.

Print closeup.I’ve put them up on the wall in my office and it looks good. It was much harder to line them up though than it was with standouts. Next week I’ll try to take several photographs of the end results for these black & white and standout sets and post them.

  1. Each framed print comes out to $40. Mpix had a 25% off offer going. []
  2. The print size is 8×12 inches. The final size is 16×20 inches. []
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