Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Winter 2014

Winter's kingdom.This year’s winter is proving to be quite a bit more “wintery” than the last two. No surprise to us — Alёna’s mom is here after all. At this point I lost count of real nice snowstorms that we had. We’re getting another one tomorrow and apparently an even bigger one on Sunday.

Yesterday I decided to work from home in order to avoid a commute like the one I had during the previous snow storm — only some 4 hours to get home. That means that we had to undig or maybe thaw the car out in the morning today.

Our morning parking spot.Looks like snow melted some and then froze over again. The hardest part was trying to remove a solid block of ice that formed between one of the outside mirrors and the windows of the car. After the windows were cleaned I got to enjoy 4MATIC again — zero effort to get out from behind a solid ice wall formed by all the plow trucks.

The great thing is that this last snowstorm has made everything beautiful. I was driving to work and couldn’t help but think how great everything looks. All the trees were covered in snow. I haven’t noticed this before, so I don’t know what made this storm different. But, again, surroundings and trees in particular just look great now.
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